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Graduation 2020 Essay

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The graduation ceremony of 2020 ended with happiness in the air and gifts being handed to one another.
Jinel and her best friend Nicole asked their parents “Where’s ours?” Jinel’s dad changed the subject…he exclaimed, “How do you girls feel about graduating high school?” Both Nicole and Jinel replied,” Pretty good, but even better if you guys had given us a gift like the other parents had.
Since they met in pre-school the girls had been very close friends and grew up with each other. They treat each other like sisters and each family treats each as family! After the ceremony and all, both families went to The California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. The families finished dinner and had some delicious, warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice-cream on topped with chocolate drizzle and a cherry on top! They enjoyed their dessert, and both fathers handed a nice, big purple envelope to each of their graduates! Nicole and Jinel opened it in seconds and were thrilled!
Inside was a plane ticket to Paris, France and a brochure of a tour of Europe! In the envelope there was a map of Europe as long as everything else needed to go with their trip. It was their dream to go to Europe together.
Their trip to Europe was going to start in a week, it was about mid-May they were leaving and they had about three weeks to spend together in Europe!
“Three more days till Europe!” bragged Jinel to her younger brother. Jinel asked him if he was going to miss her while she was away for about a month, he didn’t answer he was quite happy that his sister was leaving! Jinel and Nicole both have younger brothers in ninth grade. Nicole is a talker, but Jinel is a quiet, shy 18 year old.
Jinel started to pack her things and felt like she had emptied her room. Only two bags were allowed per person and a handbag through out there journey. She called Nicole and asked what she is going to take and what not. They both share clothes most of the time so they planned to pack less. Both of them were most likely done packing and almost ready to go! The next day was their flight at six o’ clock A.M.
The day had come, and they were ready to board the airplane. The girls got checked in and were security checked. They sent in their bags and had to keep their handbag with them throughout the flight. Both friends boarded and found their seats. The trip to Europe was about a 23 hour plane ride. Foreign people boarded the plane when they stopped in New York; they made the ride very interesting. There were about four more hours left and they both fell asleep listening to music. The flight attendant announced there was ten minutes until they landed. Jinel suddenly got up and woke up Nicole. Once they were up, they went to the restroom to get refreshed. By the time they were ready they landed!
Jinel and Nicole were jumping up and down with joy! They got their baggage and checked into the Marriot near the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Their parents had given them money for the entire trip so...

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