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It’s here and Tyler I am happy for you. But, you moving on to crossmen then college will create a huge void in mine and your mother’s life, Vanessa’s also. Don’t get me wrong we are happy for you and being your father has been a huge joy for me. I know when you graduate and the blur of activity following graduation then going to Crossmen Sunday that we shall never have the same relationship we have had. And I say that not in a bad way at all. It will just be different because you see mom and I have to let you be a man. This is when we find out how well we did and how well you listened. You see now is the point in my life when I look back, with regrets on the fishing trips we never took, on ...view middle of the document...

I have learned so much watching you grow up. You have the ability to mix with all types of people with varied interests while still maintain your own morals and personality . You taught me how to find joy in the moment. Like me you have a great sense of sarcasm which at times can be hilarious, but be careful it can also be very hurtful to others, something I still struggle with. Your quick wit and ability to find the humor in the subtleties of a situation allows those around you to not take things quite so serious . Who will discuss the greatness of 70’s rock compared to the music of today. Wolf Stadium will never be the same!

I'll admit that it saddens me to see you start the rest of your life, however it cannot compare to how happy and proud that I know you are so well prepared and dedicated to your dreams. Never lose sight of those dreams and never compromise anything to reach them. Tyler it is hard out there. You don’t have to be cynical about life but be studious. Stay true to yourself Always maintain the integrity of your personal character — it defines who you are The young man you have become is exactly who you were supposed to become. Know what you want and go for it, despite what anyone else says, including me! You have more power and abilities than you think — yes, you can move mountains

Throughout the years, your imagination has taken you to new worlds filled with adventure. Now as you start a new journey to a new world filled with new adventures, I want to remind you of a few things you have learned along the way. Take these with you into your new life. You are strong, funny, and honest. Never stray from those qualities. Do what is right even if it's difficult, it is always tempting to take the path of least resistance. Never be afraid to tell the truth even if it is bad news hiding problems only makes it worse. Be an independent thinker and make up your own mind , lead, don't follow. Treat others with respect and be nice to everyone, no exceptions. Treat people well and they will treat you well. And if they don't, then you've at least done the right thing. Don't expect too much from others but expect a lot from yourself. Have lots of good friends they'll see you through some hard times. Your amazing and kind heart is what draws people to you. For years, people have spoken of your kindness and politeness. This is a trait that will serve you well in the years to come,...

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