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Graduation Day Essay

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Graduation was an important day in my eyes. This was the day that I graduated from Loch Raven high school. As the day approach me I began to have thoughts of my future after the high school which was to continue my education at Morgan State University.
On May 31, 2013 was the beginning of the first step of building a career for my future. This would be the day that I would graduate from Loch Raven High School and receive my diploma. Our school would have the honors of being the first of many schools to have a graduation at the brand new Towson Arena. As the day arrived I was eager to receive my diploma, and begin my college career. When the time came I had to start getting ready. I had to ...view middle of the document...

It was about that time where the graduation program was beginning to start the graduation program. The program coordinators directed us to line up in our places. Everyone began to walk in a line to a long stairway leading to the Towson Arena. When me and my partner walked out you could smell the clean air of the newly built arena. The atmosphere of had …….. being played, the audience of family and friends were all standing but was quiet as they were directed not to cheer yet. Throughout the walk I could see myself in air as I was on a big titantron. I sat in my assign row on a soft cushion chair that were provided and chewed on my double mint gum; I wait for the rest on the students to join. Throughout the program various things happen such as The National Anthem, two selective songs, and a guest speaker. Then it was time to start receiving diplomas. My row was call for to start lining up to the stage. As I stood in line to waiting to hear my name called to the stage, I started to observe the crowd...

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