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Graduation Is For The Parents, Prom Is For The Students

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Prom, the highlight of every teen’s high school years. Prom is the most anticipated school event, yet a question has arisen about the topic, should prom be banned? Prom may be questionable, prom shouldn’t be banned because Prom is just a dance that has been the same for years, banning won’t stop anything, and is a ritual for most high school students. Why is it that the thought of banning prom is only now coming up?
First, prom is something that parents and grandparents went to. Prom isn’t some new thing as stated by Koren Zailckas, “Our American “prom” — a word first seen in the 1890s as a shortened version of “promenade” — hasn’t deviated from its original definition.” If prom is so bad why hasn’t it been banned earlier? Prom isn’t something that changes drastically over the years and will remain pretty much the same for generations to come. The people who want it banned don’t realize what teenagers are capable of.
Second, banning prom won’t stop it from happening. “Telling them to “just say no to the prom” would inevitably lead to secret “illegal dances,” renting tuxedos from the criminal underground and showing up by the droves to dangerous abandoned munitions factories full of broken glass where these would most likely be held,” stated by Leo Allen is exactly what would happen. Teens aren’t the most law abiding citizen in today’s society, and if they want it bad enough they will do whatever it is. Teens are also capable of many things, like Juliette Brindak who is worth $15 million from starting a web design business. If she can become a multi-millionaire a group of teens can plan a secret prom. Columbia University’s National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse found more than 5 million high school students admit to binge drinking at least once a month, and 80 percent of teenagers have...

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