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Graduation Speech: Go Where There Is No Path

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My fellow classmates, the magic word today is commencement. This is the big finale to a hectic, overwhelming yet no doubt unforgettable four years at County High School.

Robert Frost once said: "The best way out is always through," and similarly we have also learned in our math classes that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. There will always be an infinite number of paths we can take to arrive at a desired destination. Yet, the decision we make to continue looking ahead, instead of behind or around, is ultimately what determines how quickly we will get there. As seniors, we have successfully traveled "through," and though our paths have not all been identical, they have indeed taken us to the same place, our graduation.

In retrospect, high school will fondly be looked upon as a time of memories or a time of discovery. Yet, when it's a gorgeous day in June and one happens to be a student plagued with a severe case of senioritis, "Show me to the nearest exit" "Get me outta here!" is a little more accurate. Whatever you may be feeling right now, I'm sure it must be a combination of these phrases and much more, for our years spent in high school can never adequately be remembered or described in one single expression.

The different paths we must travel are rarely ever a straight line, and though our destinations are not always visible, it is comforting to know that we can always stop to ask for directions. The dedication, patience and generosity of staff not only nurture us, but also allow each one of us to discover ourselves without the fear of failure. Yet, when the big yellow building and all of its inhabitants got to be too unbearable, we could always look towards home and be assured that we're loved and appreciated. Today, as we sit here, the very same paste-eaters and craft-making geniuses of yesterday have now become mature and capable individuals ready to follow yet another path leading to success.


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