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Graduation Speech: The Ties That Bind

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We’ve all found ourselves tied up in one way or another: too much schoolwork, too many activities, friends demanding our time. Well, no matter how you’ve found yourself tied up, we’ve all found ourselves tied to one mountain, some for as many as 13 years. Though confined, we all have managed to wiggle around in our bonds to the hill and create other long-lasting ties.
We’ve been engaged from the start, ever since learning to tie our shoes in elementary, tying those blue and black shoes that everyone had to wear. Elementary was a carefree time that no one can forget. I know I can’t. I mean, come on, don’t you remember performing at the May Day and Christmas programs, celebrating the Multicultural Festival in 3rd grade, or even getting tangled and tied up in your rope at Jump Rope for Heart? Ah, the fond memories of our “rigorous” PE program, which included the now infamous cockroach dance.
As the years marched on, our class grew in size. Well, I think most people grew anyway. But with the addition of 60+ kids in 4th grade, our friendships grew to a then astounding number with 144 students in our class. With the addition of more kids, came the addition of new games at recess in the newly paved breezeway: tetherball, four square, and basketball. And with those games came more ties. That one last shot never came once Ms. Lyman’s whistle blew and the score stayed tied until tomorrow. And yet through all that competition, lasting friendships were being created.
Then our world blew up, quite literally in fact. 9/11 rocked our nation in the sixth grade as we prepared to move on to a “new” school. And with middle school came the separation into teams, creating a small divide between previously inseparable friends. And yet despite not having any classes with someone on another team, we still were able to come through it all with new friends while still holding on to those we knew before. And with our friends, no matter what team we were on, we all became acquainted with the middle school dress code enforcer, Mr. Kroessig. And so, after having to always tuck in our shirts, we finally got some relief as we moved on.
With high school and ninth grade...

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