Graduation" Written By Maya Angelou Is About A Young Black Girl Who Waits With Great Pride At Her Graduation Day But Gets Put Down By A White Man Who Says A Speech.

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AnticipationImagine how it would feel to have someone of another race speak at your graduation and put your race down. This is the story of "Graduation" written by Maya Angelou. In this story we see how a young black girl awaits with great pride and anticipation her graduation day. When the day finally arrives, her dreams and expectations are shadowed by the speech that Mr. Donleavy, a white man, gave to the graduating class of 1940. At the end of the story we see how the class valedictorian, Henry Reed comes back with encouraging words that help the entire audience become alive and feel like they were on top again. Maya Angelou used a very important literaryelement in this story called tone.Tone is the attitude the speaker has towards themselves, their subjects, and their audience. In this case the speaker in this story is the young black girl. In the beginning of the story the black girl speaks with pride and self-confidence. She thinks very highly of herself when she states, "...I was going to be lovely. A walking model of all the various styles of fine hand sewing and it didn't worry me that I was only twelve years old and merely graduating from the eighth grade..." The joy in her voice is felt when she stated " work alone had awarded me to a top place and I was going to be one of the first called in the graduating ceremonies. No absences, nor tardiness, and my academic work was among the best of the year..." Unfortunately pride and joy were not the only tone used by the speaker.In the middle of the story we see the girl angry and disappointed at the outcome of her graduation. As I described in the introduction, Mr....

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Language as a Tool in Maya Angelou's "graduation"

927 words - 4 pages the white children were to be given the chance to excel with newer and nicer school supplies, the black children were supposed to hope that they would be good enough at sports that they wouldn't need schooling. While the Angelou is sitting listening to his speech, she starts to give up and get down on herself, "It was awful to be Negro and have no control over my life" (839). Angelou felt she and her classmates were being told what their

Graduation Speech

1120 words - 4 pages Students, faculty, family, friends, on this exciting day, I speak to optimism, laughter, and grins. As I was gathering input for this graduation speech, several people suggested including a profound quote offering “encouraging advice to the young graduates”, and then there were others who said, “eh don’t worry about it, no one listens to those anyway.” Fortunately, I was actually able to take from both suggestions and found a happy balance

Graduation Speech

892 words - 4 pages because he is funny, but because he thinks he is funny, which is so pathetic and absurd that it actually is funny. I’m going to end with a fitting quote. It’s not by Jefferson or Emerson as is customary in graduation speeches, but by the Harvard graduate, talk-show host, and comedian, Conan O’Brien. “If you can laugh at yourself loud and hard every time you fall, people will think you’re drunk.” Thank you Northglenn High class of 2006. I hope to laugh at you all again in ten years.

Graduation Speech

1150 words - 5 pages ones who truly understand what the other has went through these past few years. We have tolerated and nurtured our peers and finally it has all paid off. We have made it. When geese travel, they stay with those who are on the same path. For us, that path led to this day ... Graduation. Walking this path solitaire is a task I am pleased to know none of us had to perform. We can take pride in the fact that we made it here, just as the geese do

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723 words - 3 pages rule and love, and basic sanitation, ecology, and politics and sane living. Think of what a better world it would be if we all decided to take a nap at 3:00 every afternoon and then laid down with our blanket. Or if we had a basic policy for our nations to always put things back where we found them, to keep our hands to ourselves and to clean up our own messes. And it is still true that no matter how old we are, when we go into the world, it is

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698 words - 3 pages puberty ceremony -- but when we leave, I really don't think it is our mission to be rich and successful and pretty and have dark tans and perfectly white teeth, to be the biggest dog in a dog-eat-dog world. Instead, at graduation, I think we transgress our little mistakes ... it's time to make bigger ones now. Some of us will have marriages that will turn into divorces; we will all have regrets in how we raise our children; sadly, I'm sorry to say

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776 words - 3 pages Good evening and welcome to the commencement ceremonies of the class of 2006. It has been a long journey, somewhere around 18 years, but we've finally reached the piece de resistance of our high school years. I'm not very good at this sentimental thing, so I scratched up a little poem. Ladies and Gentleman, may I present to you, "Ode to the Class of '06." ODE TO THE CLASS OF 2012 'Twas the night of graduation, and under the steeple

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740 words - 3 pages opportunity to help those less fortunate pass her by. How about the young man graduating tonight who paid little attention to studying or his grades until his junior year? As a senior he not only improved on his GPA, but put countless hours helping with the senior auction, Mr. CHS, and Prom. He took the opportunity to help his school and his class. I cannot forget to mention the Key Club members who worked long hours in unpleasant weather

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1014 words - 4 pages Ladies, gentlemen, parents, friends, family, staff, fellow students: Instead of taking up more time and reading my speech, it is available to you at http://www.olen’ Thank you. No, just kidding. But seriously folks... Today we are gathered here to celebrate our graduation from 12 long years of schooling. The education granted to us has been a privilege. One so graciously given to us by the citizens of our state, by

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824 words - 3 pages Good evening parents, teachers, honored guests and soon to be graduates. My name is Ed Burrower, I'm the senior class president. A few weeks ago, I was told that I would be speaking at graduation. I was asked to put together a speech for tonight -- I've become experienced at speech writing over the past couple of weeks. The speech that you are hearing is the fourth one I've written, the recycle bin needs to be emptied at home and I need a new

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612 words - 2 pages Success. It is something that everyone wants, but no one knows exactly what it is. Some believe it to be how many friends they have, how nice their car is or even being able to stay awake through graduation. I believe it is something different. I believe that success is determined by what a person does with the gifts and opportunities with which they were blessed. Our times at Powell High School have given us both those gifts and the opportunity

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