Graffiti Folklore Interview And Analyze In The Context Of Published Work

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Genre: Material LoreName of Consultant: Manuel LunaGraffitiConsultant Data: Manuel Nicolas Luna, called Manny by his friends and Nicholas by his family, is a half Mexican, half Native American 19 year old male who currently resides in Visalia, the Central Valley of California. He was born in Reedley, not far from there, where he was raised until elementary. It is in middle school where he cut his long, sleek, black very Native American locks to create a more hip, stylish, possibly be considered "emo" hairstyle. He wore lots of black in high school-- dark jeans, band t-shirts that painted a very clear picture of what he was into-- Black Veiled Brides, Avenge Sevenfold, Blood on the Dancefloor. He frequented the mall; had a group known as his "mall friends," who also wore about the same, or conflictingly yet fittingly, very vivid colors. They frequented Hot Topic, whose notoriously high prices meant to compensate for theft often had the opposite effect on trendy, low-income shoppers. Manny is polite, determined, get's good grades and listens to his mother, but he has his deviant streak.Item of Folklore: His most visual passion is presented in Graffiti. "I like to draw pictures of vintage things, the classics. I like the style of vintage.... I don't want it to die out," he says. I've been with him on his trips to do tagging, as he calls it, but it's more than that. I've been with him more often to check on his works of art. Faces, chandeliers, chains, all stencils cut out of cardboard before being held up and spray painted on a wall or sidewalk. He's a Leo, as he'll proudly tell anyone, and he loves the spotlight. "I like doing something that I know I'm not supposed to do and I like other people seeing it. I like to know I get under their skin." While he's very proud of the work he's done, he knows a lot of people might not feel the same way. He goes on to say he hates the closed mindedness of people, and he hopes that maybe he can change their minds with his work. Or piss them off, which is just the same to him.Graffiti is a compelling subject. It's edgy and dangerous, modern and rebellious, with the ability to be both anonymous and notorious at the same time. From every admirer lost in awe a great "piece" to the distasteful scowl of unenthused passersby, and all the shades of observance in between, graffiti is always a subject to be remarked upon, and contributed to. For this reason it has captured the public eye, and even with extreme campaigns against "vandalism" it springs up anew time and again. This is a form of expression that will not be going away.Discussion: Graffiti is often considered oral lore by the widely noted written word, the stylized 3D, bubble letters to the "writers" of New York, to the plain spoken latrinalia of bathroom stalls. In the case of my friend Manny, however, it enters into the realm of material lore as it's focus as art, no matter how short-lived, as described by Chapter 12: Folklife and Material Culture of The...

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