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Grammar Vs. Content Essay

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Christine Love Thompson discusses strategies that she believes are the foundation to “good” writing in the article, “A Dose of Writing Reality: Helping Students Become Better Writers.” Thompson discovers that it is not correct spelling and grammar that makes a “good” writer; it is the voice of the student. She uses sources to support her claim that methods such as using graphic organizers and her constantly making corrections are not as effective as they seem. Thompson organizes the article to ensure better understanding of the process she went through to help her students become better writers.
Thompson begins by mentioning the strategies originally used in her classroom. For example, she ...view middle of the document...

” Her questions focus on the thinking process of the students. For example, Thompson asks, “What is the story telling you? And what pictures are playing in your mind?” (59). She is trying this method to enhance the results of her students’ final papers.
During Thompson’s discovery, she automatically realizes that a checklist is the right choice for editing. The checklist is the same as a peer review, which helps the students engage with the ideas of their classmates. They get a chance to see mistakes made by other students so they are more likely to recognize them in their own papers. The students also take part in discussions where they give suggestions on content. Thompson expresses that the meaning conveyed in writing means everything. She finds research that solidary writing does not help the students think more. It is the exposure and interaction with others that causes ideas to develop.
Thompson mentions several great points throughout the article that can help teachers with the writing process. Her discoveries show that it is normal for teachers to change methods when they see no results. It is important to reach out to the students and guide them because writing...

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