Gran Mary: Changing My Outlook On Life

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It was a Monday night; I had just completed my review of Office Administration in preparation for my final exams. As part of my leisure time, I decided to watch my favourite reality television show, “I love New York”, when the telephone rang. I immediately felt my stomach dropped. The feeling was similar to watching a horror movie reaching its climax. As there were butterflies flying around in my stomach, my hands began to sweat and I got real nervous. I could not figure out for the life of me why these feelings came around. I lay there in the couch, confused and still, while the rings continued. My dearest mother decided to answer this eerie phone call. As she picked up, I sat up straight, waiting in anticipation of how the conversation will flow as I eavesdropped on the messages being relayed. At approximately three minutes later, the telephone fell from my mother’s hands with her faced drowned in the waves of water coming from her eyes. The news was relayed that my grandmother, Mary, had just died.
Gran Mary, as she was frequently called by me, five feet seven inches, was an elderly woman in her mid-50s that enjoyed living life and helping others in any way possible. That was her way of giving back to her fellow community and country as a whole coming from a town called Freemans Village in Antigua. Whether it is at the market selling produce, donating to a charity for the less fortunate, or participating in a walk-a-thon, Gran Mary was present as long as she was available. On the verge of going into her sixties, her behaviour protruded was one of a woman in her early 30’s. “I might be old in age, but I am young and strong at heart darling,” she said when I made comments in reference to her age and behaviour. This brought much humour.
My Grandmother was a woman with high standards and expectations of her grand children succeeding. She had a firm belief that the first step to being successful is getting the highest education achievable. Discipline, Intelligence, and Respect, were the three elements that she said will get you through life. Having discipline helps when stressful situations arises and it can be handled thoroughly. Having intelligence helps when you have the ability to learn skills effectively and apply them in different aspects. Having respect helps you earn the respect of others and leaves you in good standing with society. “No one respects a disrespectful child,” she used to say. My Gran was a woman of many words and sayings.
My mother was raised to be a respectful human being in society. “You never know where you might end up and who will get you there,” Gran Ma said. Instilling this discipline in my mother, she then instilled it unto me and my other siblings. Therefore, because of my Gran Ma, I am where I am today. That is, being in a University in Texas, named Midwestern State University.
I am born and raised in the isle of Antigua. This small country situates in the Caribbean with said to be...

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