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Gran Torino: The Story Of An Old Man

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An American drama film directed and produced by Clint Eastwood which has gained recognition worldwide particularly because of Clintwood’s appealing directing style. It was recognized by the American Drama Institute as one of the “Ten Best Films of 2008”(Gran Torino, 2013) and debutedthe writer, Nick Schenk. Clint Eastwood demonstrates, through Mr. Walt, that if your past negatively affects your life and the way you see things, then its best to let go of it and start a new beginning. An intense film told with great humor, Gran Torino is a cinematic masterpiece. This film succeeds in its development in portraying the negative aspects involving multicultural communications and the bond formed by people from two extremely different generations.
Walt is an arrogant racist Korean War veteran with his prized possession, a Gran Torino.In the beginning in his wife’s funeralit can be seen that the relationship between him and his children was weak.They later wanted to send him to an old age home, which he thought was ridiculous. He hates the fact that the neighborhood was filled with Hmong people. The state worsens when Thao (Bee Wong) his young Hmong neighbor falls into the wrong company of his cousin and tries to purloin the Torino. But things start to change whenWalt mistakenly saves Thao’s lifewhile the gang was forcefully taking him away to do unacceptable things that he had rejected to,after realizing that stealingWalt’s car was just wrong.Walt wanted them off his lawn andhad no intensions of saving anyone’s life.Sue (Ahney Her), Thaos sister, is a wise young girl and tries to converse with him but the guilt of the Korean Warpulls him aback. It gets better when he progressively overcomes this guilt by giving Sue a chance to introduce the Hmong culture by having lunch in her house. As the film progresses, Thao is seen doing something very ironic, cleaning the Gran Torino. The movie takes a sudden shift in gears when the gang randomly fires bullets on Thaos house and then rapes Sue. Seeing this Thao gets hungry for revenge and blood but Walt tells him to have patience and that it’s best to have a plan. Little did Thao know that Walt’s plan was to leave Thao behind and face the gang in front of the whole neighborhood without a gun. Which lead to the climax scene, his death.The Torino was gifted to Thao in the end.
The movie creates a racial atmosphere from the...

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