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Although not a more prominent theme, the theme of things happening for a reason and changing your life was also shown in the movie Grand Canyon. Through my own life experiences and the through the experiences of others I too have learned that things do happen with reason and that things may not seem good right at the moment, but things will turn out right in the end. To me, the movie showed this theme, but more subliminally then up front. When times do look bad, have faith and know that things will turn out for the better and that there's a reason for why things are the way they are. In the beginning of the movie we see that Mack gets into car trouble in the wrong side of town. As Mack is beginning to be harassed by a couple of gangsters, Simon comes to the rescue. Simon, the tow-truck driver tells the gangsters to back off, thus saving Mack's life. Mack is therefore grateful of what Simon has done. Despite the fact that Mack could've gotten himself killed, Mack wised up and made a new friend. In another part in the movie Simon's sister's house was shot at (they live in the wrong part of town). At first, his sister decides to just stay there, but later moves into an apartment that Mack suggested they get. Then there was the part where Simon and Jane, a girl Mack set up with Simon hit it off right away after their first date. If you think real hard about it, all those things that happened never would've happened if that night Simon and Mack had not met. Even though it was a bad way to meet, things did turn out right. Everyone involved learned more about each other and themselves and everything did turn out for the better. As did the case with Mack's wife, Claire. One day on one of Claire's daily jogs she literally finds a baby behind some bushes. Claire takes the baby into her care and later plans to adopt the child. The child seems to be what Claire was missing all this time. The baby seemed to fill an emptiness she had. As these situations in the movie shows, there is reason for why things are the way they are and that in turn changes our lives completely. In my own life experiences, I've come to terms with my faith in God and the belief that things happen with reason and that God would not abandon you. My mom has also taught me and instilled that belief in me. In the past couple of years things have been on the rough for my family and I. Four years ago my dad lost his stable job of about 10 years. During and throughout that period of about a year, money was somewhat a problem and with each new day my dad became more and...

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The Grand Canyon Essay

1204 words - 5 pages The Grand Canyon is one of America's greatest natural treasures. This 277-mile-long gash in Arizona's red-rock is eye candy for any tourist. It is located in the top left corner of Arizona. The name itself is a testament to its grand scale. Although the canyon is new , geologically speaking, it is very deep. The canyon floor in some places is more than a vertical mile down . The Colorado River that flows at the bottom is partly responsible for

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1116 words - 4 pages Reality Versus Perception in the Kasdan Films, Grand Canyon and Mumford All of knowledge is founded on axioms: assumptions that are agreed upon for stability. However, since those axioms are assumptions and cannot be proven without a doubt, nothing ca truly be known with absolute certainly. Still, in order to carry on with life, assumptions have to be made. Knowing this, the task becomes making assumption that are more educated and


1006 words - 4 pages can be a grievance depending on the possession. Any type of loss has an effect on people. The loss of a feeling can create grief and confusion. Walker Percy explains the significance of the loss of sovereignty in "The Loss of the Creature." Percy demonstrates, through a few short stories, how people can lose a feeling of great discovery that should be present. A man who traveled to the Grand Canyon could not fully appreciate what he

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1101 words - 4 pages our desire or place of admiration less genuine and meaningful. We have become so dependent upon the approval of others, that we become less able to decide what's good or bad. Percy provides many examples proving of such happening. To begin, his example of the Grand Canyon with the experience of the Spanish explorer, Garcia Lopez De Cardenas, in comparison with these of today's sightseers on a tour are two immensely different things. He said,The


1346 words - 5 pages lose the ability to experience life, and its elements, in fresh and innovative ways. He argues that humans have lost the surprise of discovery because of the preconceptions they bring to an experience. He begins with an example of a man, who after many years of wanting to see the Grand Canyon, gets there and then measures the experience by his ideas and thoughts of what it should be. Percy later goes on to discuss the student in the biology

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1230 words - 5 pages In Walker Percy’s “The Loss of the Creature” he attempts to portray the idea that perspective can be skewed by another’s story, personal experience, and other factors that lead people to have these expectations of a sight or study that lessen the experience. He demonstrates this when he makes mention of the tourists at the Grand Canyon, and the Biology student getting compared to the Falkland Islander. The facts he presents are true, but Percy

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2758 words - 11 pages voice of Socrates, the main character of his dialogues, argues that only through philosophical pursuits can a man approach the form of an object he perceives in the physical realm. Platonic essentialism emerges right away in "The Loss of the Creature" in Percy's quest for the true Grand Canyon, and develops throughout the essay to culminate in his consideration of beings as "prizes to be won" (523). Images of individuals like the Harvard

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2439 words - 10 pages manufactured conditioning. Percy uses many examples throughout his essay to support this argument but his first case compares Spanish explorer Garcia Lopez de Cardenas's initial impression of the Grand Canyon with that of a modern tourist. He speaks of how Garcia was the only one and will be the only one to ever have a real first time experience of the Canyon. Especially now that the government has made the site a National Park and many may pay an

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1670 words - 7 pages accomplishments. Percy does a good job of following that up with more realistic examples that could have happened to him such as the Grand Canyon experience. This relates to experiencing a site that you have previous knowledge of but have never actually seen it in person. He relates this to tourists coming to see the Grand Canyon for the first time after only seeing postcards and hearing secondhand stories. They have a preconceived

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2914 words - 12 pages get rid of all the social biases and prejudices, and experience it by ignoring everything one has already heard about it. One of the examples that he gives is about the Grand Canyon and how only Garcia Lopez de Cardenas, the man who discovered it, sees it for what it is. He points out that the Grand Canyon was set up as a national park, so everyone could see it as Cardenas saw it, beautiful. Nonetheless, turning it into a National Park made it

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1854 words - 7 pages examines how he has perceived the life of Palestinian people that caused the belief of others, based on his personal account, in addition to his real "identity" as a Palestinian. Percy's essay explained how the Spanish explorer, Garcia Lopez De Cardenas has experienced the trip seeing the Grand Canyon in comparison to others whose beliefs were affected by an object, such as memorabilia from the trip that was presented to them.The story of Edward

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Grand Canyon Essay

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2262 words - 9 pages Grand Canyon I. About the Grand Canyon, the history of the Canyon and Geologic Story of the Canyon A. Attracts attention of world for many reasons, but greatest significance lies in the geologic record preserved and exposed here.1. What is unique is the variety of rocks present, clarity with which they are exposed and complex geologic story they tell.B. Two separate stories exist at Grand Canyon 1. Older

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1018 words - 5 pages The Grand Canyon holds many interesting secrets from the past people who have made the canyon their home. The Grand Canyon has kept these secrets for many years through the generations of people who have lived in those areas and the stories that these generations have told younger generations. I find it interesting how people have lived in those areas for so long, they have dealt with the changes of their home. I also find it interesting how