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When you hear someone speak about senseless violence,‭ ‬grotesque language and‭

morbidly irrational criminals what do you automatically think about‭? ‬Normally,‭ ‬you think about‭

the news and the seemingly crazy people who fit that description because‭ “‬they didn’t have a‭

lot of friends‭ “ ‬or‭ “ ‬they didn’t get enough attention at home‭” ‬.‭ ‬But what if I told you that this‭

way of thinking is outdated and has been for a very long time‭ ‬.‭ ‬There is a new cultural‭

phenomenon that’s sweeping the nation and taking the world over by storm.‭ ‬It’s now‭

synonymous with the word violence.‭ ‬Its unequivocally one of the most violent,‭ ‬but whimsical‭
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‭ ‬According to a New York Times article published last September the newest‭

installment in the series Grand Theft Auto V‭ ‬broke the single-day video game sales record of‭

$800‭ ‬million dollars.‭ ‬To show how revolutionary this franchise really is I interviewed three‭

residents from my hall and I asked them the following‭ ‬3‭ ‬questions‭ ‬:‭ ‬When you think about‭

violence in video games what game series comes to mind‭ ? ‬What's the most violent game you've‭

ever played‭ ? ‬And finally,‭ ‬do you still play that game now‭ ? ‬First being freshman music major‭

Eric Martinez.‭ ‬He answered the following questions as such:‭ ‬He associates violence with the‭

Grand Theft‭ ‬Auto series,‭ ‬The most violent game in the series is‭ ‬Grand Theft Auto:‭ ‬Chinatown‭

Wars and he still plays the game now.‭ ‬The other two residents I asked are freshman football‭

players Tyrelle Hinton and James Ezell.‭ ‬Both of them said that they associate violence in video‭

games with the‭ ‬Grand Theft Auto‭ ‬franchise and that the most violent game in the series(to both‭

of them)is Grand Theft Auto:‭ ‬San Andreas.‭ ‬They both said that if they still had the game now‭

they would play it and its amazing to say the least because Eric is from Chicago,‭ ‬Tyrelle is from‭

Brooklyn and James Ezell is from Alabama.‭ ‬What game franchise really has this much of a‭

polarizing effect,enough of one to stretch all across the US like‭ ‬Grand Theft Auto does.‭

Now you have to ask yourself why is‭ ‬Grand Theft Auto‭ ‬just so popular‭ ?

According to an article by Matthew Sarrel‭ “‬Get ready for mayhem on a grand scale:‭ ‬This is the‭

biggest GTA environment in the series.‭ ‬There must be a lifetime of missions and side missions to‭

complete‭ — ‬or you could just drive around,‭ ‬explore,‭ ‬and wreak havoc for many,‭ ‬many hours.‭”

But what does this tell you‭ ? ‬Basically,‭ ‬that people love these games‭ ‬,‭ ‬but why‭ ? ‬As an actual‭

Grand Theft Auto fan who has played all the games let me tell you that this game deserves all the‭

attention it has received so far.‭ ‬Simply put,‭ ‬its fun.

‭ ‬For a game like that to still be a mainstay in the video game industry for‭ ‬17‭

years shows that it must special.‭ ‬Nonetheless,‭ ‬I understand that a lot of people will try to‭

disprove my way of thinking by saying things like‭ “ ‬it's impossible to like a game so violent‭” ‬as‭

well as‭ “ ‬only maniacs and psycho bedlamites play‭ ‬Grand Theft Auto‭”‬.‭ ‬Those who say that‭

believe that people only play Grand Theft Auto‭ ‬to‭ ‬“satisfy‭”‬ some psychotically sadistic fantasy.‭

I don't agree with this statement,‭ ‬as a matter of fact I totally denounce it.‭ ‬But,‭ ‬I do understand the‭

notion.‭ ‬You can say that some people just like to play the game because its fun or some people‭

like it because it fulfills their fantasy,‭...

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