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On March 28th, 2014 I attended the Grand Valley State University New Ensemble Concert at the beautiful Detroit Institute of Arts. The concert was strictly new music, so the ensemble were experimenting with new styles of music. The Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble is a greatly new ensemble as they have only been in operation since 2006. The founder and director of this ensemble, Bill Ryan, is an educator upon the Grand Valley State University music program, and has been studying music for essentially his whole lifetime. The pieces in which Mr. Ryan composed have been written within the last twenty years, including some music written by musicians within the ensemble themselves. ...view middle of the document...

This song was graceful and soothing. As we progressed the ensemble then played a song called “Finger painting” which was written by an alumni of Grand Valley State University. This piece was strange, as it attempts to engage elementary school students. The ensemble passes around a tablet in which plays strange sounds out of the speakers, this for me drowned out the ensemble and was disappointing to me. The next song was named “Blue Sketches” composed by a member of the band, Ashley Stanley, and this piece included her in a solo. The next piece of music was “Zinc” composed by Zoe Keating, and was written in 2009. The final piece of the concert was “Counting in C” composed by Jad Abumrad, which was also written in 2009. The previously listed pieces concludes the new music ensemble concert.
Going into the concert, I was concerned if I would like the style of music. Since it was new music, I did not know what to expect. That being said I can honestly say that I actually did not enjoy the style of the music. The music that was played showed too much repetition and honestly incorporating the electronic sounds over the music just ruined the pieces for me. However, I am not taking anything away from the ensemble themselves; the ensemble played to mere perfection. The venue was just absolutely relishing, the Detroit Institute of Arts has something drawing your attention in each room. The hall in which the ensemble played amongst was a hall full of murals of Detroit history. There were murals of Ford’s factor lines and the architecture was just astonishing. I can say that this concert was definitely an experience, however as harshly as it sounds I do not believe I will have any aspiration to attend another Grand Valley State New Music Ensemble Concert.
The only song in which was really enjoyed upon myself was the piece written by the director, Bill Ryan. The...

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