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Grandma Doesn't Always Know Best Essay

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Everyone knows that no one has all of the answers to life’s trials and tribulations, when encountered people tend to look to the older members of society for insight. More specifically in close families the grandparents are considered wiser than the younger members simply because they have lived longer but the grandparents do not always know what is best. In Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man is Hard to Find” the grandmother uses her beliefs and faith, which resembles that of a catholic as a guide to get her through life as safely as possible while also being respected as a lady. She is trying her best to live a “moral code” but shows no signs of morality when she is lying, being manipulative, ...view middle of the document...

This shows that while she is trying to be manipulative she is also trying to scare the children who don’t seem to take her seriously. This manipulative demeanor that grandma has also leads to her being sneaky and lying once they get on the road.
As the family is preparing to leave, Grandma is the first one in the car simply to be able to sneak her cat in there so he won’t be left behind since she knows that Bailey will not allow him to accompany them on their trip. She has also developed a lie in order to manipulate Wesley into asking Bailey to let them visit an old house. She has intentions on seeing if the twin arbors were still standing but instead states, “The story went that all the family silver was hidden in it when Sherman came through but it was never found.” (39) This interested Wesley so he also wants to visit it. The grandmother’s lie actually works for her because Bailey gives in and takes them to see the house. She then realizes that she the house isn’t the house she thought it was but doesn’t say anything. This causes them to have and accident, meaning her lies have slightly damaged the family and ruined their car. Once again her lies have caused the family trouble, first it was the constant irritating suggestions and attempt at manipulation about going to Tennessee then she lies and keeps it to herself. This should definitely be a result of karma because grandma is also a very judgmental individual.
Grandma seems to have a lot of negative qualities, one of which is her judgmental attitude. Much like those who are religious, grandma has an issue with keeping her opinions to herself. As the story begins, grandma is trying to convince everyone that a trip to Tennessee would be better than a trip to Florida simply because she wants to visit her home state. She...

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