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My grandmothers house has a very special place in my heart. I lived with mygrandmother for many years when I was little. Her house always seemed to havesomething about it that set it apart from all the rest. As you walk into the front door ofher house you notice a long, slender stairway that led up into the main hallway of thehouse. The strong smell of cigarette smoke is quite evident when you reach this point.Yes, my grandmother did smoke.My grandmother's house was always full of laughter and many cheers. Our familyused to call it Grand Central Station. There was always someone over her house visitingwhether it be family or friends. My grandmother's doors were always open to everyoneno matter what. When my grandmother had company she would tell us very seriously toact nicely in front of them or she would be very upset at us.My grandmother always sat in the kitchen of her house. This is where she woulddrink her hot black coffee with no sugar and smoke her Virginia Slim cigarettes. Shewould sometimes sit in her kitchen for hours upon end and watch the ducks and the geeseswimming by on the river and if it were warm enough outside she would crumble upsome bread and feed it a little at a time to them.In the summer time my grandmother and whoever happened to be at the housewould sit out on the sundeck for hours and talk about anything and everythingimaginable; she was known as the neighborhood gossip queen. The sundeck was a placefor everyone to sit and relax in the warm sunny breeze. My grandmother was a veryspontaneous person, she did what she wanted to at the drop of a hat and nobody everstopped her. She was always very active in many thing like Veterans Auxiliary, makingcrafts, cooking, cleaning, etc., but always had time for the ones she loved.Living at my grandmothers house was indeed alot of fun because she was so easygoing with me. She allowed me to do all the...

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920 words - 4 pages In life many of us experience what it is like to be hurt by those we hold dear. As a young girl I saw this first hand that generally the people we hold the closest actually end up being the people that hurt us the most. You expect more from them and their actions affect you on a deeper level the people you hold to a different standard from your loved ones. My grandmother taught me through the hardships she experienced what it mean to be a

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