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We were going to Las Vegas for vacation. I was looking foward to havinga lot of fun there. When we finally got to Las Vegas,it felt like an oven jacked up all the way.When we got to the room it felt like when you open a refrigerator. Then we went to see all themajor attractions, like Cesar's Palace, this was one of my favorites because when you go insidethe roof looks like the sky inside of a building. I also took some pictures in front of the hotel nearthe water fountain. The MGM Grand was my second favorite because when you go inside it thisthing were you go in and walk around and see the play Wizard of Oz. I also liked thePyramidbecause outside the is this image of a persons face that appears on the splashing water. Thatimage was all done with Lazers. Las Vegas is a nice place to see a lot of cool hotels and sites.Then it was even better because it was at night and all the hotels were lit up. It looked like it wasChristmas everyday there. Every single hotel was lit up of all different pictures. We had funseeing that but it was time to go back to the hotel room.When we got back the front desk informed us that somebody had called from SanFransisco. We all had an idea of what it was about. My mom and grandma were both sobbing.They were crying in way that didn't show. My dad and I felt very sad even though we didn'tknow my grandpa very well. Before we had gone to Las Vegas we sat down with my aunt and mymom said ' if anything happened to my grandpa to call us at the hotel room.' When we heardthat they had called we were all sweating as if it was raining right above us. When we calledback it seemed like an eternity. My mom called, you could hear every button that she punchedin. We also could hear the ringing from the call. Finally, my aunt picked up and started talking tomy mom about how they called from Lima, Peru saying that my grandpa was waiting to die untilthey got there. So that same night we called Hertz and said that we had to get back to SanFransico and we were going to leave the car tomorrow. There was a big fit because my dad hadalready paid for three days but we only used it one day. And my dad couldn't get his moneyback. The same night they called from San Fransisco we called United Airlines saying that weneeded to go on an emergency flight to San Fransisco. They told us that they didn't have flightuntil 6:45 at night.After we got everything settled we had to go to sleep so that we could get up early to goto the airport. I think that no one slept except for me and I only slept for a few hours. I...

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2575 words - 10 pages Grandpa Was a Mover - Original Writing Grandpa was always on the move, and once he decided to go, he didn't waste time looking back. This vital part of his character started at an early age. He was only four when his mother died, and as soon as he was old enough, he left Irwin, Missouri and traveled the world before settling in Kansas City in the early 1920's. Emerson Moseley worked at the central office of the

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733 words - 3 pages Grandpa’s Grapes (An Analysis of Grandpa Joad of Grapes of Wrath) John Steinbeck once stated: “If he needs a million acres to make him feel rich, seems to me he needs it 'cause he feels awful poor inside hisself, and if he's poor in hisself, there ain't no million acres gonna make him feel rich, an' maybe he's disappointed that nothin' he can do 'll make him feel rich.” The classic text Grapes of Wrath contains several characters with a

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1807 words - 8 pages In The Grapes of Wrath, Grandpa Joad is a very outspoken person, he does not watch what he says, and he just says it. He is a hyperactive elder, everyone else wants to leave the family farm behind, and start over new, Grampa Joad is refusing to leave the family’s farm that he has always been on. The Joad family has been in the good zone when it comes to being in or paying off their debts, now they have gotten behind on paying them that they are

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1399 words - 6 pages Learning From Grandfather My brother and I are playing on the porch steps, and are being watched intently by my grandmother. She gently rocks on the old cream colored swing, which proclaims of its lack of oil with every movement of its chains. The green indoor-outdoor carpeting that covers the steps too shows its age, with concrete poking through the edges. It scratches my legs as I sit and build things with my legos, but I have gotten

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912 words - 4 pages year where my grandpa beat up this young bloke with his bear hands, knocked him out cold. Dad said that grandpa was like a tiger. Never believed it until I saw it for myself. Yep that's right I seen grandpa do it once. Happened last week, grandpa and me, we was walking back from the shops, when suddenly this bloke in a balaclava come up from no where, took grandpa's shopping trolley, right out of his hands. Grandpa chased the bloke down, jumped on

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1151 words - 5 pages THE OLD DAYS AGAIN!!My grandpa was sitting slumped and comfortable in his favourite chair telling me about the old days. It was always the same story with the same moral, "Jimmy back my the day we were very respectful to our elders, not like you lot." These were his exact words. Of course this would lead up to the magical solution, "All you new generation deserve a bloody flogging." Tell you now it was boring.My grandpa, an old bloke in his

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929 words - 4 pages “Wake up Sarah, Wake up!” Proclaimed Hanna. “What do you want Hanna, it's eight o'clock in the morning?” asked Sarah. “Grandpa is here!” Hanna yelled. “What do you mean Grandpa is here? He isn't supposed to be here until three.” Sarah said. “He got here early obviously!” shouted Hanna. “Okay let me get up and get ready because you know how Grandpa is with all his picture taking!” Sarah stated, “I don't want to look like a mess!” A few minutes

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860 words - 3 pages The novel Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns is a story from a 14 year-old boy's point of view in 1906 in the South Georgia town of Cold Sassy. The book begins with Grandpa Blakeslee announcing to his daughters, Mary Willis and Loma, that he is getting married to Miss Love Simpson. It has only been 3 weeks since his wife, Miss Mattie Lou, passed away. A motive running throughout the book is that Miss Mattie Lou is not yet "cold in her grave

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602 words - 2 pages After the death of her mother, Mary Willis Tweedy was very heartbroken. She went into many weeks of mourning and nobody thought that she would ever recover. Mary Willis was very dependent on her mother. However, Mary Willis did emotionally mature greatly in the course of this novel.In the beginning of this novel, Mary Willis was very laid back. When Grandpa Blakeslee told her to do something, she did it with no questions asked. She rarely voiced

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870 words - 3 pages door and right into Grandpa. He shrugged off the collision and smiled, “Where’re you headed kiddo?” Aggravated that I had to carry on a conversation I answered repulsively, “Potter’s to sled.” Instantly realizing the insolence of my answer, I attempted to make up for it with a genuine smile and playful pat on the back. “Ah sledding. I remember when …” and he went on with a story I’d surely heard hundreds of times before. “What do you think

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863 words - 3 pages My Grandpa As I walk into the living room of my grandparent?s pretty and old house, I hear my grandpa over my grandma?s t.v. show, Golden Girls.?Not you again?!? Grandpa would moan as if he didn?t want me around.?You know you love me,? I would reply every time.My grandpa and me had a weird connection. He never had to say he loved me because I knew he did.He always wore an old white T-shirt with his white hair always parted to the side. I always

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1208 words - 5 pages When I was young my parents were very poor. They both worked hard to support the family. When my father passed away from cancer, my mom's life was harder than ever before. After my mom lost her job at the drugstore, she decided to take my sister and me to the countryside to live with my grandfather so that she did not have to worry about taking care of us, finding a new job, and working all at the same time. Since my grandpa came to visit my

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