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Grandpa Joad’s Death, Grandma Joad’s Death, And Their Oklahoma Home

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In The Grapes of Wrath, Grandpa Joad is a very outspoken person, he does not watch what he says, and he just says it. He is a hyperactive elder, everyone else wants to leave the family farm behind, and start over new, Grampa Joad is refusing to leave the family’s farm that he has always been on. The Joad family has been in the good zone when it comes to being in or paying off their debts, now they have gotten behind on paying them that they are forced to move off the family farm. Grandpa Joad has had some violent times in his past, so they do not want to aggravate him on the situation to much, but they began to leave the land after finally getting Grandpa Joad to come, as they start to head out towards California and leave Oklahoma where Grandpa grew up his entire life.
As they are on the road heading towards California, they notice that grandpa’s health is declining terribly. As they are on the long road to California from their Oklahoma farm, they keep close eyes on Grandpa’s health, when they get to a place where they can rest and take a break, tom breaks his probation terms and becomes illegal to be with them, and then Grampa Joad passes away in the middle of the night (“Grapes”). As they lose one family member, they realize the reason he had died was the medication they gave him, so that they could began on their journey to California to live a better life.
The Joad family members are the type of people that would do anything to help out someone in need of help, they are tough people, they do not rely on much just there family, they notice that they were farm people not the people they are turning into (Steinbeck 317).
After Grampa’s death recently things have fell apart so far since they have been on the trip. Ma Joad is the backbone of the family so since Grampa has died she has stepped up to do the plate and hopes she can make the family back to normal and keep the family together and healthy. Ma Joad is the tower of the whole family; she is the one that keeps everyone together through the tough times that their family goes through (“Grapes”).
Soon they get to the Government camp that they were supposed to be at, they do not know what exactly to do, because they usually do what Grampa does and follows him in the decision of what he wants to do. When they get there they have literally nothing at all besides the clothes they have on, they do not even have food so they have to fight for their food. Jim Casy, he is a very spiritual person, but he will fight for his needs such as food, He knows everything, he will be where he is not expected to be. He is always in the way (Steinbeck 435). Although, the camp is the best thing the family has right now, they head out to go to a peach picking job (“Grapes”).
In The Grapes of Wrath, Granma Joad is a very Christian person, unlike her husband, Grampa Joad, who also died earlier from the medication they gave him to calm himself down. After her husband’s death, her health declined drastically....

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