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Grandpa Was A Mover Original Writing

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Grandpa Was a Mover - Original Writing

Grandpa was always on the move, and once he decided to go, he didn't
waste time looking back. This vital part of his character started at
an early age. He was only four when his mother died, and as soon as he
was old enough, he left Irwin, Missouri and traveled the world before
settling in Kansas City in the early 1920's.

Emerson Moseley worked at the central office of the Postal Telegraph
and received market closings from all satellite offices. Night after
night he received reports, but one in particular caught his attention
because it always closed the same way. "Ok, good night, God bless you,
see you tomorrow, Della Kay." Curiosity got the best of him and he
decided to pay her a surprise visit.

Della Kay was a good woman and realized right away that Emerson was a
man worth catching. They were married three weeks later against the
protests of everyone who knew them. "It will never last," they said,
but it did. For 60 years.

Three hundred sixty eight days after the wedding their first and only
child arrived. Emerson tried several jobs in town but soon became
bored with the routine. He hit the road and spent most of his life
working out of his car. The road was a symbol of life and offered
limitless opportunities. He always returned home with a gift or two
under his arm, but one particular Christmas surprise would change
their lives forever. On his arm was a Kitten; not the feline variety,
but the woman who would marry his son and give him the granddaughters
who would breathe new life into him. That's where I come into the
picture. I'm the first-born child of that marriage.

Grandpa became my best friend at a very early age. He taught me to
read and write before I went to school and never stopped teaching me.
He instilled in me an unquenchable thirst for learning. Because we
were always together, I was quickly dubbed his "little buddy." My
sister arrived five years after I did, and things seemed to fit
perfectly when she and my grandmother bonded in much the same way.

We enjoyed countless blessings but our lives were also touched by
trials. My sister and I both married and brought another generation of
grandchildren into their lives. Grandma suffered a cruel stroke that
affected both body and speech, leaving her able to think but unable to
communicate. When my father died unexpectedly, we grieved together and
pulled closer as a family. My sister and I tried to fill the void in
their lives and became even richer for it.

Against Grandma's protests, Grandpa sold the house with its memories,
bought an apartment at the best retirement community in town, and
auctioned off everything they owned. The idea of change revitalized
him, but every blow of the auctioneer's gavel tore away at my
grandmother's heart.

Grandma wilted...

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