Granting Legal Rights To Immigrants. Essay

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Rising Unemployment Increases Crime Rate.It is a prevailing assumption in the society and an acceptable norm that the crime rate has direct links with unemployment a lot only crime rate, but also the suicide rate and decline healthiness.Unemployment rate can be considered as the number of unemployed workers divided by the total civilian labor force. A job means a total support to maintain the financial obligations such as purchasing food, paying bills, mortgage payments of rent etc. Without a clean source of income nobody can survive but creates an unnecessary burden on the society. Hence "JOB" plays a very important role in today's economy.But during the great depression when unemployment rate exceeded to 20%, the crime rate did not increase. It is very surprising but there is a very strong logic behind it. That is, people have no choice when they face a situation of unemployment they seek government welfare programs such as food stamps, housing assistance, unemployment insurance, unemployment compensation, single parents should be provided with free day-care centers and subsidies to aid in retraining etc. Also when a person has no way getting an income, he tends to borrow money from banks and informal methods. Resorting to all these methods a person ensures himself that he meets all his basic needs, within this framework. Hence, attempting mischief, robbery and crime will not exist under such circumstances. By way of issuing food stamps to a certain value, is a very conducive and appropriate method of subsiding the low income, unemployed citizens. Food is an essential factor for our existence. It is a basic necessity.Government can assist the low income families by providing them with free medical facilities, since the low income families do not have sufficient money to pay in an emergency and also the government should provide the low income families a place to live, such as an apartment,...

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Critical Thinking Essay: Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants Karina Cruz

1941 words - 8 pages immigrants who not only increase their own living standards, but who also send billions of dollars of their money back to their families in their home countries-a form of truly effective foreign aid" (Theroux 1). Immigrants, both legal and illegal, add diversity and a fresh perspective to the American business market, therefore, by granting amnesty to illegal immigrants we are encouraging them to improve their education and skills in order to provide

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1747 words - 7 pages immigrants in the country and to tighten the security at the border. Congress and the President have worked on bills and acts to try and reform immigration. Most of the acts and bills have been rejected and some are being worked on now. Improving rights, and making the process for becoming legal easier, could help more immigrants get into the country and make an impact on the economy. What the immigrants have done so far the economy has helped a lot

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2537 words - 11 pages U.S. economy’s potential revenue, and the rights of immigrants. Moreover, this paper will be exploring the history and the current status of immigration reform. The research paper will aim to prove why immigration reform is needed in the United States. U.S. businesses and companies have been growing since its founding. There is one key component in this growth of businesses: immigrants. Immigrants played an important role in the U.S. business

Amnesties for Illegal Immigrants

710 words - 3 pages , ought to be able to translate into an American citizen immediately, not waiting.” Illegal immigrants greatly benefit the economy, not hurt it, and they would continue to do so if they were given legal status. Another incredibly common misconception about illegal immigrants is that they are a leading cause of crime in the United States. This theory is incredibly stereotypical, let alone false. Illegal immigrants try to stay away from trouble

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946 words - 4 pages Administration arguing that legal immigrants living in the country should have no more First Amendment Rights than first-time immigrants coming into the United States "-that is, none." Cole explains in an example that a non-citizen can be deported for expressing themselves the same way as a citizen is allowed to.In conclusion, Cole acknowledges a quote that he was taught: "we will be judged by how we treat others." By this standard, Cole goes on to explain that if we keep treating immigrants the way that we do right now, "we are not in very good shape."

Latin American Immigrants

1152 words - 5 pages Latin American ImmigrantsThere are many Latin-American legal and illegal Immigrants living in the United States today. The Alien Act of 1798 granted the United States president the authority to banish any alien deemed dangerous. …The Naturalization Act of 1798 raised the number of years, from five to 14; an immigrant has to live in the United States before becoming eligible for citizenship (Events in Hispanic American history, n.d.). With

Immigration Rights Initiative

1149 words - 5 pages the north to take up places that had been left by the European immigrants. This led to a series of human rights activities that not only aimed at safeguarding the immigration rights, but also pressurized for racial justices and equal opportunities for all. Immigration to the United States continues and this has led to institution of immigration acts especially in the 1960s that define and recognize immigrants. Immigrants are treated and regarded

The Government's Involvement with the Daily Life of American Citizens

1393 words - 6 pages rapid, granting them the rights of a person from a legal standpoint and denying any rights to the human workers who ran the machinery the corporations’ revenue came from. In order to minimize dissenters of democracy political figures limited their role in the daily lives of citizens, so that they would not infringe on the liberties of American citizens. Conversely, they aided the establishment of large monopolies and oligopolies, which

Immigrants Should Be Forced to Learn and Speak English

2580 words - 10 pages Latino immigrants are Spanish speaking, the English-only laws would apply not only to the legal immigrant population but to a large number of Latino immigrants who come to the United States illegally. Immigrants, legally and illegally in the United States, should be mandated by English-only laws to learn to speak English while giving them the right to keep their cultures and heritage. English-speaking Americans should respect the rights and

Granting Illegal Immigrants Citizenship

1541 words - 6 pages debt, and the boosting of America’s economy. Various housekeeping jobs and yard work is done by immigrants, both legal and illegal. Immigrants are a necessity in the United States Labor Market; between 7 and 8 million of the 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States are working, contributing to the economy and contributing to America’s growing work force (Jacoby 22). Unemployment is above 8 percent, and some American’s would argue that

Amnesty for undocumented immigrants is inadvisable

1133 words - 5 pages attention shifts but campaign contributions to lawmakers does not,. However, the simplest objection to amnesty for such immigrants comes from a surprising source – other immigrants. Immigrants who go through the formal legal process to become naturalized U.S. citizens experience a lengthy process of bureaucratic hurdles and documentation. Very few immigrants with desirable skills are even admitted this way. It is unfair that immigrants who obey

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1235 words - 5 pages increased wages for less-skilled workers. These undocumented immigrants certainly have a heavy influence regarding the economy, and it may be beneficial to incorporate them by granting amnesty as opposed to other solutions such as mass deportation. With legal status, the 11 million undocumented individuals can be more productive and help further strengthen the U.S. economy. The influx of immigrants coming to America can be also be controlled with a

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1340 words - 6 pages legal status whereas millions of other people are waiting to be reunited with their families. On the other hand, employers are not able to employ foreign workers that have the appropriate skill set to contribute to the workplace. Undeniably, the highly educated immigrants are at times discriminated at the workplace and may not receive better pay in comparison to other people. Through a commission that was mandated in instigating new policies, it is