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All areas of commerce and communications use the graphic arts. Graphic artists include two groups of visual communicators: illustrators and graphic designers. Illustrators create the entire spectrum of commercial artwork for reproduction, and graphic designers create all types of visual communication in print and digital Media.As experts in their fields, client must communicate their needs and objectives to graphic artists in terms of the product and the market. The artist and client discuss the design problem in terms of possible solutions, fees, usage, and contract terms.Art director manage number of projects or accounts simultaneously. They responsible for finding artists, negotiating the terms of job, and supervising the proper execution.An art director and an art buyer who work together to select the artist to be used on a job usually purchase artwork for advertising agencies. Both parties have signed the purchase order. Price of artwork depends on usage category: in-house presentation, test market, displays, electronic point of purchase, outdoor, publication, TV use and factors like one-time or extensive use, geographic region etc.Artists 'representative spends time e and energy seeking work for artists. Only successful and highly marketable talent needs a representative. Some representatives handle a number of artists often concentrate on a particular style or market.The most important issues to be considered when negotiating an artist/agent agreement are:Commissions and fees, house accounts, exclusivity or nonexclusivity, expenses, billing procedures, timely payment, termination.Graphic designers are hired to communicate ideas. To be effective graphic designers need to combine aesthetic and strategic judgment with project management skills to create effective, timely marketing strategies for their clients. Most of them execute projects at the client request, taking the clients need and specific objective.Clients hire graphic designers to develop and provide a marketing approach and a creative direction for their visual communication needs and then to coordinate all production details through final delivery. Some factors that may effect a client's decision to hire a designer include: talent and experience, ability communicate easily, reputation, capacity, location. Designers are chosen to work on projects in several ways. They respond to a request for...

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