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Graphic Arts in Advertizing Graphics is a very important part of advertizing. Almost all avertizments require a design, layout and printing unless it is a comercial, and even some comercials have computer generated images. This paper explains a little history of graphic arts, where it all came from, the printing process, how we go from an idea to the finishing touches of a project, and how it all applys to advertizing. The history of graphic design goes all the way back to the beginning of time when ancient peoples would draw pictographs on the walls of caves and other places, but jumping ahead to the 1300's wood block printing of playing cards and textiles had been popular. Devotional prints of saints with images and lettering cut from the same block of wood were the first known as European block prints. So after the use of wood blocks for small things they decided to try it on bigger things and started printing books with them. which took the literacy out of just the hands of the clergy and opened it up for the commoners. In the 1600's travelling merchants were replaced by fixed houses of trade and their marks of identification were substituted by shop signboards. At first these signs were simple pictorial representations of the trade carried on within, for example a knife for a cutler. But with time businesses became more competitive and imagery became more complex. These signs although very simple were the bigginnig of graphic design in advertizing. the printing press was the primary vehicle for change. The invention of moveable type was attributed to Gutenberg in 1450 although many printers were working towards the same invention, was tied to the rise of printed moral sayings, penny broadsheets and etchings that were to become the precursors to the newspaper. The year 1609 marked the reular use of newspapers and happened in Germany. In 1799 the first paper making machine was produced. steam engines created faster printing but also caused lower quality work. In 1850 photo engraving allowed photographs to...

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