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Graphing Assignment 2

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In this graphing assignment I have decided to compare the following two graphs:
Figure 1. Wisconsin Poverty Rates under Three Measures, 2008-2011
Figure 4. Poverty in Wisconsin in 2011 by Measure: Overall and for Children and the Elderly
(As seen on page two)

To better compare these to drafts I will be answering the following questions in order:
1. What do these graphs show and how are they related to each other (other than being from the same report, that is)?
2. Where does the data come from for these graphs? How was it generated or analyzed to produce the graphs?
3. What things are positively or negatively correlated in these graphs and do both graphs ...view middle of the document...

2. Where does the data come from for these graphs? How was it generated or analyzed to produce the graphs: Information for this report was collected from a number of different sources including but not limited to the following: U.S Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (this being the primary source for the data), a data extract from the Integrated Public Use Microdata Series was used to analyze the 2011 ACS data, and the IPUMS data were supplemented with state administrative data on participation in public assistance programs. In refining the measures of need, we calculated poverty thresholds for families of different sizes through the use of equivalence scales. They also made adjustments to the poverty thresholds based on differences in housing costs across regions in Wisconsin (owners with a mortgage, owners without a mortgage, and renters) and expected medical expenses. To determine whether or not a family and individuals belonging to the family unit could be considered poor, they compared their comprehensive measure of resources to the relevant threshold or measure of need.

3. What things are positively or negatively correlated in these graphs and do both graphs show similar trends in these correlations: Both of these graphs bring to light that the economic downturn from the Great Recession has in fact continued to have repercussions in Wisconsin and beyond. They show both in their separate categories that Wisconsin’s poverty income rate has steadily...

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