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Be Grateful, Aim HigherYou just got that amazing video game you've been saving your allowance for, trying to set aside any extra money you can earn, and then you buy it, ecstatic as a little kid in a world of candy. Then not even a few days later, that new comes out. It's the new craze of the market, and all of you're friends buy it, leaving you with that old game. Ugh, why did I buy that stupid game, it's so dumb, I want the new one. But then you think to yourself, I should be grateful for what I have, it could be worse. Do you think it's bad to want more than what you have? In my opinion, being grateful for what you have is the best attitude, but there's nothing wrong with wanting more, wanting better, to aim higher. I think this because the more you have, the more you can give. Money isn't the root of all evil. Also, once you reach a limit where you're comfortable, or you've reached your goal, be humble and not greedy. Appreciate what you have, and try to maintain that level. The final reason I say yes and no, because you can be a role model to others to teach them humility and to be appreciative of what you have, but at the same time, work hard to get better.Money is not the root of all evil. It does not create selfishness, if you truly want to do good, help out, or make a difference in the world. Many millionaires in this world spend money frivolous gifts for themselves, but there are those who understand that giving back is the greatest gift of all. Think of all the things you can do with an extra million dollars in your pocket. The possibilities are literally endless. When you have more money, the more you can give to the less fortunate people that really need it, or to orphans that either lost their parents, or never even knew their parents. I see all these money-infested people that don't even help those starving kids out there, and I just think, you don't deserve all that money, you honestly don't. This paragraph goes for a no to the question, "Is it bad to want more than what you have".Most people aren't grateful. That's reality. They always want a bigger house, a faster car, and...

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Synopsis of The Grateful Dead Essay

1495 words - 6 pages Grateful Dead The Grateful Dead was a famous rock and roll band. During the 1960’s, the band had an audience called the “deadheads”. Deadheads were a bunch of druggies. Jerry Garcia was a big part in this band before his fatal health issues came along. The Grateful Dead was a band that impacted society by breaking rules to build their career. The Grateful Dead was a famous rock and roll band throughout the 1960’s. They had a lot of ups and

Education: Why kids should be more grateful to receive one

769 words - 3 pages Essay written by Amy MarkwartEducation: Why kids should be more grateful to receive one. Kids' first reaction to the word school is BORING! School is a ten month death trap that us children are forced to report to year after year. The only reason we survive is because of the two months of summer vacation at the very end, but even that isn't long enough! Sound like you? If it does that keep on reading, cause this is for you. Throughout this essay

Book Review: Sweet Chaos, The Grateful Dead's American Adventure By Carol Brightman

788 words - 4 pages If a Deadhead was to read Carol Brightman's book Sweet Chaos: The Grateful Dead's American Adventure, they would be in for a great deal of disappointment. This book is not about the Dead, rather, it is about Carol Brightman's sixties adventures. People love to talk about themselves, and Brightman has found a venue for her tales of "radicalism." By putting a picture of the Grateful Dead on the cover of her book, with no reference to the true

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1337 words - 5 pages They are widely known as the psychedelic pioneers in all of rock music. They have played more than 2,000 live concerts and, although selling only 250,000 copies of their records, they created the jam band movement that featured bands playing a variety of genres, paving the way for other cult bands. The Grateful Dead is regarded as one of the most famous free-form bands of their time. As famous as the band itself were the bands’ connection with

Why I am Grateful to American Veterans. Note: very emotional and mushy towards end

519 words - 2 pages , their songs will forever echo in the caverns of our hearts reminding us of their courageous deeds and love of this nation. I am grateful to all veterans for their deep and profound patriotism which has helped make this country great.

The Dedicated Deadheads. Why was the Grateful Dead such an influential band? What's the significance of Jerry Garcia's pop icon status?

1732 words - 7 pages The Dedicated DeadheadsMost artists involved in the music industry evoke an image from the mere mention of their name. For instance, when we hear "Jay-Z" we think about his typical music videos of promiscuous girls, fancy cars, and high-tech gadgets. Another example is "Nirvana." We envision head-banging teenagers following Kurt Cobain's tunes about the frustration with life. What comes to mind when "The Grateful Dead" is stated? For a good bit

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1364 words - 5 pages The Life of Jerry GarciaJerry Garcia was a musical genius and now is considered a Rock and Roll legend. Jerry was the lead guitarist, vocalist, and "spokesman" for the influential rock & roll band the Grateful Dead. Garcia learned to play guitar when he was 15 years old, originally playing folk and rock & roll. Not only did Jerry produce thirteen studio albums, but also recorded over 100 live albums, and sold millions of records

Robert hunter

2961 words - 12 pages Robert Hunter had his poetic beginnings in the Palo Alto, CA coffeehouse scene in the mid-sixties. It was there that he began writing poetry and found his future song writing partner Jerry Garcia. Although Hunter had been writing poetry for several years, his career did not begin in earnest until 1967, when he mailed the lyrics to "St. Stephen", "Alligator", and "China Cat Sunflower" to his friend Garcia and the Grateful Dead. He was

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863 words - 4 pages , painting a picture of his relationship with his father over a lifetime. In stanza 1, Robert Hayden used detail and imagery to portray the grateful tone. Hayden’s father worked hard in any conditions to bring comfort to the household. “Sundays too” the poet’s father “got up early” Sundays are supposed to be a day of rest for the masses, a break from the “labor in the weekday”. Yet, Robert’s father is willing to give up his sleep and comfort for

Nature, Beauty, Gratitude

848 words - 4 pages   Louie Schwartzberg, an award-winning cinematographer, director and producer who captures magnificent images that divulge the exquisite beauty of nature, gratitude, and the universe. In Louie’s Ted talk show, he clearly delineates his ideas of preserving the nature, appreciating the nature, and be grateful of the nature. Louie want to inspire others to do the same thing as him, to see the beauty of nature, to appreciate then, and to thank the

The Creation of a Marijuana Culture

2162 words - 9 pages The Grateful Dead are recognized as one of the most successful bands in the history of rock and roll. The band consisted of Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Ron "Pigpen" McKernan, Phil Lesh, and Bill Kreutzmann. But before the band was known as the Grateful Dead they were known as the Warlocks. The Warlocks were formed from the remaining members of the Mother McCree’s Uptown Jug Champions was made up of Garcia, Weir, and McKernan, who later came

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530 words - 2 pages Great to be GratefulAccording to the American Heritage Dictionary the word grateful means "1. Appreciative; Thankful. 2. Expressing gratitude. 3. Pleasing; Agreeable." In my heart the deep meaning of grateful is remembering and being very thankful, for the little and special blessings in my life. I never take for granted the simple blessings like being alive, married, and being an American. Far too often it is easier to forget and not understand

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741 words - 3 pages The Grateful Dead The Grateful Dead was a band that toured continuously for 30 years until the death of lead man Jerry Garcia. They were known for free flowing jams and bluegrass roots. Phish is a band that has toured consistently for the last 17 years and has in time made themselves into stealth multi-millionaires. Both are very talented bands, who have and in the Dead's case, had, created big names for themselves. Many people make

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3721 words - 15 pages The Grateful Dead Arguably the most successful touring band of all time, the Grateful Dead was famous as much for its traveling tie-died caravan of "Deadheads" and the accompanying drugs, as it was for its long, improvisational concerts and spotty album releases. Since the bands inception in the sixties, Deadheads have happily preserved the hippie ethic of that era- in fashion and have followed the band in

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1236 words - 5 pages Report on the Grateful Dead I have chosen to do my report on the Grateful Dead. They were a rock and roll band from the sixties that stayed popular and still influenced rock and roll until 1995 when the lead singer, Jerry Garcia, died and the band dissolved. The Dead remained popular for so long because of the style of their live concerts that made people keep coming back. In 1959 when Jerry Garcia was thrown out of the army, he