Gravimetric Determination Of Water In Hydrated Magnesium Chloride

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Aim: To calculate the value of n in MgCl2.nH2OTheory: Gravimetric analysis is where the amount of a specific chemical in a material is determined by converting it to a product which can be isolated completely and weighed. This is relevant to this experiment as the amount of water is an unknown value which is to be found by carrying out the analysis.Heating to constant mass is when repeated heating, cooling then weighing is carried out until the mass of the substance is constant.The number of moles of water in a substance can be found by measuring ...view middle of the document...

Method: To get rid of any water the crucible was heated, then allowed to cool in a desiccator and its mass was noted (M1). 2-3g of magnesium chloride was then added and the crucible reweighed (M2). The crucible and its contents were then reheated for 15 minutes, allowed to cool and again weighed (M3). The crucible and its contents were then heated, allowed to cool and weighed again, (M4), to make sure the loss in mass was complete. This step was repeated until M4 and M5 were constant.Results: M1 = 39.59gM2 = 41.62gM3 = 40.64gM4 = 40.63gAverage mass of crucible and anhydrous MgCl2 = 40.635Mass of anhydrous MgCl2 (M4 - M1) = 1.045gNumber of moles of MgCl2 (GFM = 95.3g) = 1.045/95.3= 0.012molesMass of H2O removed M2 - M4 = 0.985gNumber of moles of H2O (GFM = 18g) = 0.985/18= 0.055molesRatio of MgCl2 to H2O = 0.012 to 0.055= 1:5Discussion: The MgCl2 had to be heated to constant mass to give as accurate a reading as possible for the mass of water evaporated. The crucible was cooled before weighing so it could be transferred to the desiccator without burning your hands.The value of n calculated in the experiment and the true value of n are different due to errors in the experiment such as the transferring of materials could cause a different loss each time.Conclusion: The value 'n' is 5 hence the formula is MgCl2.5H2O

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