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John was walking on cloud nine as he walked into Mr. Holmes class the next morning. The week had been looking up for him. It was nearly the weekend and he had a date later that night. He couldn’t ask for anything better.
He sat in his seat and tapped his pen as he read over his book. Mike sat next to him before the bell rang. “So, a date with Sarah?” he asked. “You are a ladies man John.”
John grinned and nodded. “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” he mumbled. “She asked me out for tonight.”
“I know, I heard,” Mike laughed. He clapped his hand on his shoulder. “I’m just so happy for you John. You’ve been single forever.”
Sherlock glanced from his papers as he listened to the two boys. John had a date? Well good for him. His stomach twisted though as he kept listening to the conversation. He couldn’t pinpoint why he had that feeling but it wasn’t a good one to have.
The bell rang and everyone quieted down. Sherlock was still sitting there, not talking or anything. After ten minutes the students started talking.
Mike turned back to John. “So, I’m going to take her to that diner down the street from here,” John told him. “I heard she really likes it.”
Mike laughed. “Good choice,” he muttered.
John opened his mouth to say something but Sherlock stood up. “Class is dismissed early,” the teacher said.
John raised an eyebrow and silently wondered what was wrong with his teacher but he didn’t let it get to him too much. He started to put his things away, still talking about his date with Sarah.
“That means leave you two,” Sherlock said, shooting a look at Mike and John, “now.”
John tried not to frown as he stood up. “Come on, let’s go to the library,” Mike said.
“I’ll catch up with you,” John told him. He watched Mike leave before going to Sherlock’s desk. “Mr. Holmes, are you alright?”
Sherlock glanced up at him. “Mr. Watson, when I told you to leave I meant it,” he said. “Go.” He didn’t know why he felt so weird but he didn’t want to hear about that date anymore.
John swallowed hard and nodded. He turned and quickly left the room.
Sherlock watched him go, letting out a low groan when he was finally left alone. He covered his face with his hands, trying to sort out his head.
What was wrong with him? He never felt this odd in his whole life. He stood up and grabbed his cigarettes. He pulled on his jacket and left the room.
The rest of the day John’s mind was seesawing between two different things. Mr. Holmes and Sarah.
He was so happy to have a date. The last day he had he was eleven and his mother was alive to help him with the tie. He also really liked Sarah. Had for weeks and almost everyone known it.
He would even...

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