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The gravitation between the Earth and its moon is a very important scientific topic. This gravitation changes many things on, not only the Earth, but the moon as well. The sun also plays a part in the gravitation between the moon and the Earth. This is because the sun has a great pull on the Earth, and the Earth has a great pull on the moon. You may think that the changes that this gravitation cause doesn’t concern you. The fact that we most likely will not be able to see the moon in the night sky, or even have one for that matter, probably does concern you. Scientists are researching what they can do to help with all the changes that are taking place as a result of this gravitation. Not only scientists, but the whole human race need to figure out a way to fix these changes in order to ensure that they do not affect our lives on Earth in a negative way.

Scientists have pretty recently revealed that there are new perturbances and craters on, not only the moon, but also the Earth. This is due to the gravitation between the Earth and the moon. The pull of gravity is changing the elevation of certain parts of the Earth and its moon. Scientists have devised a theory that when the Earth pulls on the moon, the moon pulls on the Earth, The moon’s gravitation in comparison with the Earth’s is vastly less, but still very prominent, and relatively strong. These scientists believe that when the moon pulls on the Earth, it pulls up the crust of the Earth. This means that it is pulling more on certain parts than others, causing a change in elevation (Horner 2013).

Ocean tides are caused by the gravitation between the Earth and the moon. The sun also affects this change but in a much lesser way. The distance between the sun and the Earth is so large in comparison to the space in between the moon and the Earth (Horner 2013). Since the sun is so far away from the Earth and the moon is so much closer in comparison, the gravitational pull on the Earth from the moon is 2.2 times more than the pull the sun has on the Earth (Tricker 2013). The tide change also has a little bit to do with the weight of the ocean (Hendershott 1972). The tide change is caused by the gravity of the Earth, moon, and sun. Sometimes, we get extremely high and extremely low tides compared to your average everyday tide change. This is called Spring tide and it happens when the moon, sun, and Earth all align together. Another tide change is called Neap Tides. This change is when the high tides get drastically low and low tides get drastically high. This could be thought of as the tides reversing because high tide is getting low and low tide is getting high. As mentioned before, the Earth and moon have these uprisings in them. When the moon rotates it wants to bring the protuberances with it, while the moon wants to keep them aligned underneath it. The Earth and moon continue to pull on each other. This pulling causes the Earth to lose rotational energy, which also affects the...

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