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Gravitational And Inertial Mass Lab         Last Week In Physics We

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Gravitational and Inertial Mass Lab Last week in physics we had a new lab. The Gravitational and Inertial Mass Lab. In this lab we learned many new terms such as, mass (gravitational and inertial), Inertia, Kilogram, Inertial Balance, and Period of Vibration. Gravitational mass is the amount of mass you have told by the force of gravity pulling the mass toward the center of the gravity. Inertial mass is the amount of force to move an object without gravity. Inertia is the ability of an object to stay still or in motion. Kilogram or kg, 1 kg is 1000 grams. Inertial Balance is a machine used to measure the amount of mass in an about by its inertia. Period of Vibration or p is measured in time divided by the # of times, and it's the times it takes to go out and back one time. In this lab, we were also introduced into some new instruments such as the 4-beam Balance, and the Inertial Balance. The 4-beam Balance is handled by the base and the column of the machine when moved or picked up, when calibrating make sure all waits are at zero then make sure pointer is on zero or the line if its not adjust the nut till the pointer is at the line or zero. You read the machine in grams, each digit in the machine means a separate thing, the 4th digit is a kilogram (kg), the 3rd digit is hectograms (hg), the 2nd digits are decagrams the 1st digit is grams, this digit here .1g is a decigram. This instrument has an uncertainty of about .05g, which is 5 centigrams. The next instrument was the Inertial Balance, you use it by placing a mass into the bucket or barrel and pulling back the contraption to a certain point and timing the amount of time it takes to leave and go back to that point. The Instrument all depends on how far you pull it back so make sure you measure to the exact point you pulled it back when looking for the time lapse. The machine is really actually measuring how much inertia the mass has by measuring the time it takes to stop the object in motion and pull it back to the starting point and so on. There were three graphs that we created with our data. Our first graph was the number of paper clips to the mass of them, the number being the dependent and the mass being the independent. In this graphs we got a tangent line in the positive direction, this basically means when you raise the mass you must raise the number paper clips to fit that mass. Graph two was of our known masses verses the period of them. We concluded our graph to be half of a parabola. When you get a half parabola for a graph, it usually means that you get an increase or decrease in independent you get an even higher increase or lower decrease than the last dependent, in this case it was for every increase in period you got a higher increase than the last increase in mass. The third graph we got was the same as the second except we squared the period and graphed it. We ended up with a half parabola again, but this half parabola was a little more spread out...

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