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Gravity Roads Essay

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Have you ever dreamed about going up into space feeling the weightlessness without gravity? While not everyone can have such an opportunity, there are still places that ignore the rules of gravity. Gravity hills allow all types of objects to travel uphill. What are they? How do they work? If you park your car at the bottom of these roads, then place it in neutral, your car will begin to travel upward. The same process works for water, tennis balls, pop cans or basically anything. Gravity hills seem like a dream come true, but this is all just smoke and mirrors, an optical illusion.
The discoveries of these hills happened very gradually. There was no specific time or place. Every hill has their own story of a new mystical place that defies gravity. When a gravity hill was discovered it would begin with news casts. Then, someone would buy the property making it into a showplace for people to come and visit. There many places that have been ...view middle of the document...

When asked, people said the middle board was straight. Next, they tilted the ends upward, now when asked, people said the middle board was tilted upwards.
What is making the road appear downward? It has been found that the houses and scenery around the hills are slanted, making it look as if the hills are slanted at an upward angle, though they’re not. This represents the outer boards from the previous experiment. It has been proven that the human eye uses surrounding images to make out angles and perception. If everything around the hills are slanted, the human eye sees the hills as being slanted as well. So next time you are on a hill remember that you may not be seeing what is really there.
While there are plenty of reasons to think that the road is slanted downhill, there are some theories suggesting paranormal activity is the cause of the mystery roads. When gravity hills were first discovered, people told stories, trying to explain the mysteries. The most frequently told story was of a school bus. The legend tells that bus was full of kids that were on their way to school when the bus driver lost control. They spun out and crashed. To this day the children haunt the roads pushing the cars upward, so they do not meet the same fate. It is said that if you powder your car you can see the fingerprints of the children.
While many people believe this to be true, there is plenty of proof that this is all just an illusion. Scientists have conducted experiments to determine once and for all if these hills are haunted or simply a misconception. One of the experiments was to measure the height at different points along the hill. The result proved the hill was tilted downward slightly. So although everyone wants to believe in ghosts and the afterlife, this just isn’t the case.
In summary, these hills are not as magical as they seem. Though the stories and legends that go along with the hills are fun to hear, they are not completely true. Science has proven that the idea of getting lifted up a hill is just a hoax. The scenery and layout helps trick the eye into believing the hill is upward, when its really tilted downward. While we all dream about weightlessness it just isn’t possible on Earth, at least not in this case.

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