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Great American Essay

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Who is William Clark? Most people know him as the map maker for the Lewis and Clark expedition. But the truth is, Clark was the leader of many wars and battles. William Clark was born on August 1, 1770. He spent his childhood growing up in Prestatehood, Kentucky. He would later settle in present day Missouri. His parents were John and Ann Rogers Clark. Although his parents cared deeply about education, he never received any proper education. With schools being like that, he ended up being home tutored. Along with his parents, Clark had five older brothers. All five of them were involved in the Virginia units during the American Revolutionary War. His oldest brother was the colonel in the war. His oldest brother George taught Clark all about the wilderness survival skills that he was taught. He was involved in three major points in his life. First, military, Second, the Lewis and Clark expedition, and ...view middle of the document...

After the Battle of Fallen Timbers, Clark was sent on a mission to New Madrid, Missouri.
Even though that he was a great military leader, he was even more known for the Lewis and Clark expedition. On the fourth of July, Clark was offered his commission, but he denied it. After he denied that commission, Lewis began to recruit Clark in 1803. Their mission while together was to explore the land that was soon to be involved in the Louisiana Purchase. They were sent to find new routes, such as waterways and trails that would be used during the Louisiana Purchase. Clark’s main job on the journey was to draw detailed maps of the land that they traveled. Of course with mapmaking being very hard in those days, the maps lacked in detail compared to most of the maps today.
Another highlight of Clark’s life would be the amount of time and energy put into war. In 1807 President Jefferson advanced Clark to be the head US agent for Native American affairs. While being the head US agent for the Native American affairs, he set up his home base in St. Louis, Missouri. While in Missouri, he eventually became a member of a secret fraternal group. While all of this was happening for Clark, even higher ranking was being given to Lewis. President Jefferson appointed Lewis as the new commander of the militia. While under the leadership of Lewis, Clark constantly took orders from him. Although there was a time that Clark was the leader. During the war of 1812, Clark led several campaigns.
So, I believe that William Clark was one of the greatest Americans to ever live in the United States for three big reasons. One is that he joined one of the strongest militias to exist in most of the1700’s, and most of the 1800’s. Secondly, he was the mapmaker for the Lewis and Clark expedition, which later his maps helped in the Louisiana Purchase. Lastly, Clark was involved in many battles and wars that he is famous for. So, with Clark being a great map maker, and a great leader of war, how could you not think that he is one of the greatest Americans that will ever live?

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