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Great American Poet Emily Dickinson Essay

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Poetry is defined as literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm whether collectively or as a genre of literature. I chose to do all three poems by the one of our four great American poets, Emily Dickinson. The poems I have chosen to are, “Because I could not stop for death”, “Success is counted sweetest”, and “Triumph may be of several kinds”. The theme of each individual poem and its true interpreted meaning will be the focus of this paper.
“Because I could not stop for death” was one of Dickinson’s masterpieces and just as any other masterpiece there are many different interpretations. In the first ...view middle of the document...

It was in the middle of the week when she died because the children were all at school on the playground, it seems as the author is painting a picture of the ride death has taken her on. In the fifth stanza of the poem it seems we finally get to the burial of this death (Collamer1).
Dickinson states, “We passed before a house that seemed A Swelling on the ground”. Research states that burial vaults were at one time formed by two parallel dry-stone walls, six to eight feet from each other, and six to eight feet high. The vaults had a stone slab or corbeled roof, a back wall, and a dry-stone facade with a portal closed by a door and then inscribed. The entire structure was covered with earth and sod and grassed over, creating Dickinson's "Swelling of the ground”. By the roof being barely visible it is inferred that it has been grown over by the grass and weeds surrounding it. Where Dickinson goes on to talk about how it’s been centuries yet if feels less than a day can also be compared to the feeling one might feel during a burial. She captures the essence of death beautifully in the poem “Because I could not stop for death”.
Another poem Emily Dickinson wrote is “Success is Counted Sweetest” estimated to have been written around 1859. This poem is moderately short with on three stanzas the theme and meaning of this poem is very powerful indeed. It is about victory, the appreciation for victory and how the victors can never truly understand its meaning, rather it is the man laying defeated hearing the celebration of the opposing team that truly understands the value of victory because he lays defeated in agony and true want of it (Constantakis 1). In the first stanza she demonstrates this by stating, “Success is counted sweetest by those who...

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