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Great Starting For A Great Future

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Wing YeungEng10009/07/08Essay#1"Great starting for a Great future"Two years ago, I was fresh out of high school. When getting used to a new environment has never been a big problem for me, I continued pursuing academic advancement. Meanwhile, I encountered a major problem in college which involves newfound independency and freedom. However, a few months after my first semester in college were over, I found out that my grades were low and I was put on an academic probation. While I met with my counselor, she recommended me to attend a one-week short-term class before I went to my next semester. Since I felt puzzled about my grades in college, I followed her suggestion and took that short-term class. That was a learning assistance class introducing study strategies to increase student success in college. After that class, I felt that being a successful college student needs to have a positive attitude, good preparation, and thus self-confidence. This means that a student should be capable of good planning, expectations for the future, goal achievement and correct decision making during their college life.The learning assistance class started a week right before the spring semester began. When I first stepped in the classroom, it looked like a small classroom with about 25 students and over half of the students in the class were from foreign countries. During the first day of that class there were some general introductions of "Education". The Instructor pointed out that college provides not only a good environment for students to study, but also a competition for students who try to complete their major requirements to transfer a 4-year university or any other academic purposes. Later, the instructor led us into a group discussion of why we planned to attend college. Although this was a question that I also kept asking for myself, I did not have an exact answer in my mind. I heard one of my group mates said that it was because she was just trying to fulfill a promise for her parents. However, she felt lost in college life because she did not set up a goal in order to give her any motive to study. On the other hand, one general reason for me to attend college is because I want to transfer to a 4-year university. While the instructor heard my answer, he asked me why I want to transfer to a 4-year university. He instantaneously enlightenedme with the fact that attending college is a stepping-stone to transfer a 4-year university, which can bring me a better career in the future.The next two days of the class discussed about study strategies and how to improve studying quality, such as time management and goal setting. Time management was always one of the most struggling issues in my college life. I worked more than 20 hours a week, and I did not know how to use my time wisely. The first step to effective time management is...

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