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Great Britain Essay

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Agriculture is very important in many different ways when it comes to any country. Agriculture not only affects the people and what their food production but it also affects the whole countries economy. Once a country improves their agricultural manufacturing, the country’s economy will then drastically sky rocket. The agricultural revolution, which occurred in the eighteenth century, did just that for Great Britain. The agricultural revolution led to an outstanding increase when it came to the countries production of food. With more food production, the British could now feed more citizens for lower prices. The entrepreneurs of this time period in a way worked with the cottagers to produce ...view middle of the document...

Since Great Britain was the first to have entered an industrial revolution, other countries needed to be mindful of the way Great Britain handled itself and its people during these times. Such a statement is sufficed for politics as well.
Many entrepreneurs, in Great Britain, became wealthy in the eighteenth century due to the raise of popularity and demand for cotton. The cotton industry, one can say, was one of the first reasons Great Britain became urbanized. With the countries rapidly growing economy, one can see how the factories needed more workers. As with people in modern times, nobody wants to live too far from the place where they work. Nobody appreciates traveling more than an hour to get to their jobs. With the spinning jenny of 1768 and the power loom of 1787, an increase in work force was necessary now that the demand of industrialized products was on the raise, fast.
In addition to the cotton industry; the steam engine, the iron industry, and the revolution in transportation all played enormous roles in the industrialization of Great Britain. The steam engine allowed cotton factories to expand its production and outsourcing its resources throughout Europe. The steam engine was the first way cotton was able to be exported and imported easily. Branching off of the steam engine is the iron industry. The iron industry refers to the time period in which different forms of iron were being developed and used. The iron the majority of people felt is the most important and useful is wrought iron. Wrought iron refers to burning away the impurities of pig iron (445). This...

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