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Great Britain: European Representative Or United States Ally

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After the Revolutionary War one must have wondered whether the United States and Britain would ever be of close relations again, but now Britain and their former colonies hold one of the strongest relationships in the world. Even though Britain is one of the major figures always associated with Europe, in reality Britain is closer politically to the United States than it is to the European community. This may have seemed unthinkable 300 years ago, but with all the communicative technology in the 21st century it is not hard to see how these two countries are able to share such a close bond. The bigger question, why, can also be answered by 20th and 21st century occurrences. This close relationship sprouted because of World War II, when an alliance between Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt formed to fight off the world threatening Nazis. This close relationship once again sprang to life with Tony Blair's relationship with George W. Bush. They have this relationship because of the war in Iraq as well as Britain's failure to become actively involved in the European Union.World War II caused Europe to fall into disaster, and once Britain's last powerful ally, France, fell to the Nazis, Churchill relied on the United States, which is what started these two countries' relationship. During the war, Britain found themselves having to choose between the French and U.S. in terms of who Britain gave more recognition as a ally. This is because France and the U.S. were in a small power struggle and did not trust2each other to great extent. Historian Simon Berthon wrote, "Churchill found himself caught in the middle of an extraordinary arms length duel between the President, who was the most powerful man in the world, and the French general who put saving the honour of his devastated country above everything else"1. The significance of this is that this is the reason the United States and Britain started their relationship. If France had not already been "devastated" then Britain would have formed a close alliance with France. Instead Britain became a close ally with the United States, and this relationship was very strong during World War II, and reached its peak with the signing of the Anglo-American Alliance on December 1941. This signing created a shared British and American military command. The alliance performed some of most important tasks of World War II, such as the invasion of Normandy and the development of the atomic bomb2. Britain began their rift from Europe because they worked with the United States more then their European allies. This rift was seen by Mussolini, the dictator of Italy, as he said of Winston Churchill, "He does not have the European spirit, and doesn't really understand anything except the necessity of those English. But he is the man of the moment because he hates the Germans"3. Without directly saying it, Mussolini was taking a jab at Churchill. Being on the Axis against Churchill, Mussolini may have been trying to turn...

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