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The United Kingdom Should Not Leave The European Union

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The European Union is a powerful and influential organization consisting of twenty seven countries with significantly strong economies including the renowned United Kingdom. The UK benefits greatly from being a member of this union. However countless British government officials and politics as well as the self-righteous citizens of the country think that the EU is preventing the UK’s authority from developing further. The truth is entirely different, by being the Member State of the EU, Great Britain is part of the entire world’s leading market, it has a greater economy than that of Japan and the USA combined and takes up a strong position in the world.

Great Britain is known in the world for its great history as being a world power in the early 20th century and the 19 century. It still remains the sixth-largest economy and is famous for its military, political and economical strength. It is strong and influential to a certain degree. It currently has around 62.74 million citizens but as the independent and famous for her ideals Margaret Thatcher stated, “On our own as a nation of 55 million, we would have some voice, but not enough”. The European Union represents over 500 million people which means that if Britain decides to remain in the EU it is in fact much more powerful than any other susceptible country and has a louder, more powerful and more convincing voice all over the globe. Would you want to be living in a insignificant country which is controlled and vulnerable?

Moreover America and other equally authoritative allies want Britain to remain in the EU. Washington would begin to ignore the UK due to its insignificance, so there will be less communication about peace and helping the environment. The membership also provides Britain with support of other countries and there is greater co-operation in Law Enforcement. Therefore if Britain left the European Union it would be insignificant and become isolated. It would suffer in many aspects and British people would have no effect on helping the world.

Membership in the European Union means the United Kingdom can trade all products without any additional payments or costly taxes between 27 prevailing economies. The EU is Britain’s largest single export market. Therefore, without the European Union the economy of Britain would dramatically crumble down; since, 53 percent of goods were bought by the European nations in 2011. In this year Britain imported goods worth £202 billion to the EU and exported £159 billion from the EU. Despite these terrifying statistics some unreasonable British politics and citizens claim that British exports to countries outside the EU are growing quicker than those of the EU; and, Britain should leave the European union solely for this reason. This may be true but despite this British trades are mainly focused on the EU so if it leaves the European Union it would loses its trading partner and a great sum of money. The EU also provides its members...

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