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"Good Luck"Great Britain is made up of three countries, England, Scotland and Wales. It is an island off the coast of north­west of Europe. Britain is part of the United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland. The capital is London.ReliefThere are many different landscapes in Britain, from high mountains to rolling hill sand valleys. Places like Wales, the Lake District and northwest Scotland have high mountains and steep slopes made out of solid rocks.This landscape was made millions of years ago during the ice ages, when moving glaciers of ice made deep valleys, steep mountain slopes and long lakes. The southern and eastern parts of Britain are made up of smaller rocks that have weathered and become fertile farmland.The highest point is Ben Nevis ­ 1343 metres above sea level and the lowest point is Holme Fen ­ 3 metres below sea level. The population is 57,970,200 people, the population density at 239 people per square km.92% of British people live in urban areas while only 8% live in rural areas.Great Britain is completely surrounded by sea, isolating it from the rest of Europe. No part of Britain is far from the sea, which is an important resource for fishing, tourism and ports.Britain's rivers provide drinking water for towns, and irrigate farmers' crops. However rivers can cause floods.EnglandThe northern and western portions are mountainous. The highlands - the Pennine Chain, forms the backbone of northern England. Rolling plains occupy most of central and eastern England. The western part of the central region is known as the Midlands. To the east lies The Fens, a marsh area. To the south, an elevated plateau slopes upward.ScotlandThe terrain of Scotland is mountainous but is divided into three regions, from north to south: the Highlands, the Central Lowlands, and the Southern Uplands. The Highlands occupy more than a half of Scotland, the most rugged region on the island of Great Britain.WalesWales has an irregular coastline and many bays; the biggest is Cardigan Bay. Except for narrow and low coastal areas, mainly in the south and west, Wales is mostly mountainous.AreaEngland ­ 130,439km2Scotland ­ 78,772km2Wales ­ 20,768km2Total ­ 229,979km2ClimateGreat Britain has quite cool summers and mild winters. The weather changes from day to day. The climate is temperate ­ the country does not have long periods when it is hot or cold.Western parts of Britain receive more rain and snow during the year than south and east. This is because southwesterly winds bring water from the Atlantic Ocean to the west, which falls as rain where it meets the mountains on land. There are large amounts of water in this area and a shortage in the south and the east.Britain's climate is getting warmer. Average temperatures have risen 0.5°c since 1850. This is enough to start the polar ice caps melting. If the ice caps continue to melt, large areas of southern and eastern England will be permanently flooded.The mean annual...

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635 words - 3 pages (line 9-15), 717 (line 13-16), 719 (line 7-15) 10. Chron Pas, Heraclius. Pg: 702 (line 9-10) 11. Chron Pas, Heraclius. Pg: 708, 711 (line 14-15) 12. Chron Pas, Heraclius, No mention of education, kiteratur or the arts. Continual mention of religious matters.REFERENCES.BAYNES. N. THE BYZANTINE EMPIRE. LONDON, 1925.CHRONICON PASCHALE: TR. M&M WHITBY. LIVERPOOL UNIVERSITY PRESS, 1989 OSTROGORSKY. G. HISTORY OF THE BYZANTINE STATE. GREAT BRITIAN, 1986.RODLEY. L. BYZANTINE ART AND ARCHITECTURE: AN INTRODUCTION. LONDON, 1994

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