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Originating in the minds of Aristotle and various other philosophers, the idea of scala naturae was developed. Meaning vertical ladder, the theory centers on the idea of a unilateral hierarchy of life forms. Starting in the Medieval Period, the Great Chain of Being was developed from Aristotle’s scala naturae and reached its height during the Elizabethan Era (Haaramo). The theory itself is objective and is purely a hierarchy based on the level of a life form’s development (Carlin). Despite this, the elite Elizabethans took advantage of their supremacy and adopted the theory to fit their lives. Those of a higher status, heavily influenced those below them, so in effect, the inferior ranks’ ...view middle of the document...

The father is the most dominant, followed by the first born son. Following the oldest son is his brothers, then the mother, and finally the daughter(s). The mother must rely on her first born son to take care of her in her elder years, while the daughter is used as a “dowry chip” to marry off to another family (Maltese). Considering all the wealth is inherited by a male, the Great Chain served to structure what gender is viewed as dominant. Wealth is a form of power, and retaining power means that one man is dominant over another; therefore, by males inheriting all the wealth, they are considered dominant to woman. The women are portrayed as property and part of the wealth of a family, but have little human value. They aren’t even considered comparable to a man since they could be and were used as a trading card for more wealth at a man’s expense. The idea of men’s supremacy over women can be seen when evaluating the men looking at the naked woman at the center of Valades’s painting of the Great Chain of Being. She is posed on a table in a way that displays all body parts. The depiction of the Great Chain is degrading to women as it portrays them as merely entertainment for men and as a disposable asset. She is not being courted her spectators, but stared at carelessly like an animal at the zoo. The Great Chain of Being was interpreted in a way that women were inferior pieces of amusement, versus the many cheerful men standing around her. Men used the Great Chain as a means to justify their dominance over women because of their ranking, which is reflected in the careers of each gender, the structure of an immediate family, and Valade’s interpretational painting.
In addition to the roles of genders, the European race was viewed as the prominent and higher ranked race than any other. For starters, humans are positioned higher than animals (Tillyard). Then, Camper’s facial angle was used to prove how apes developed into Africans and then into Europeans. Polygenists based this order on skin color and the projection of jawlines. Because polygenists believed that the darker skin of an African was more similar to an ape than the light skin of a European, (Encyclopedia) Africans were considered closer to the animal rank on the Chain of Being and were therefore viewed as inferior. Racism was already prevalent, but people used the connection between the angle measurement and the Chain of Being as evidence to support their prejudice actions. Looking at the drawing of Haeckel, he illustrated an evolutionary chart which transitioned from apes to Africans to European and this biased interpretation connected Africans as being closer to apes on the evolutionary chain. When looking back at the Great Chain, the thought was that since apes were below Europeans, and Africans were viewed as in between, the inevitable conclusion was of Europeans being superior to Africans. The Europeans were viewed as the dominant race because of the Great Chain of Being and its...

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