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Great Civilization And Empires Essay

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The Ancient Western World has contributed to the globalization of life today from generations past to present. Many influences from the ancient times has structured the way nations today are run. Going back into time gives insight to how civilization was formed of empires evolving from one era to the next. Exploring the Babylonian, Charlemagne, and Mongolian Empires will reveal life in regards to social lifestyles, political views, and military.
The Babylonian Empire rose to power by overtaking Jerusalem and destroying their King Solomon. Under the rule of King Hammurabi the empire of Babylonian held strong political government control. The Babylonian lifestyle was like that of their predecessors the Sumerians. The Code of Hammurabi was a set of laws in which all Babylonians were to follow or be punished for rebellion. In establishing control the justice for all man kind was exemplified by prayers to the Gods. The Code of Hammurabi “laws of Justice” was to give insight to the oppression of man in quoting “the punishment should fit the crime” as a way of keeping peace and restricting evil spirits from entering the cities are famous today. Daily life consisted of the class a person belong to as well as the work they did. “Marriages were arranged by the parents and the marriage was sealed with a gift from the groom and the ceremony was legal.” (Family Life, para. 4). Women held some power but not to over power men. Daily life consisted of the tribes and their families cultural way of life. Men were allowed to divorce their wives if she could not bear them any children. The Babylonians related more with the Scientific Revolution and the development of the Calender to a near precise perfection. “Mathematics and astronomy excelled as the legacy of ancient Babylonia with their tablets showing evidence of calculations and multiplications for algebraic problems and studies of the heavens (eclipses of the moon).” (Salisbury & Sherman, 2011, p, 33). The Babylonian army weaken with other empires taken control over the empire, but the empires who conquered the empire took on the traditions of the Babylonian people. In comparing the Babylonian empire to the world today it is civilized because many of the attributes from that time still exists today.
Charlemagne was a powerful man who restored the Roman empire. Charlemagne, also known as Charles the Great, inherited the kingdom of the Franks at the age of 26 from his father Pippin III. During the time of his ruling the Franks were falling back into the barbarian ways, and neglecting their education and religion. Europe was very disorderly. By him wanting to strengthen his empire and getting Europe back in order. Launching a 30- year military campaign in 722 to undertake his purpose was a good start. Just 28 years later he was acknowledged as ruler of Western Europe. His vast territory covered what are now France, Switzerland, Belgium, and The Netherlands. It included half of...

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