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“We cannot change the past. All we can do is change the way we allow the past to affect our present and future.” – Springwolf. In the novel Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, Pip encounters many significant and life-altering relationships that teach him that a meaningful life does not always mean being wealthy or highly educated; it is about being genuine and humble.
Pip encounters many interesting relationships throughout his childhood and adolescence. One of the most profound and impacting of those relationships is the one Pip shares with his brother-in-law, Joe. Joe single-handedly taught Pip the meaning of a fulfilling lifestyle. Pip’s eyes were opened by Joe when Joe forgave a ...view middle of the document...

When Pip first met Herbert, their two worlds could not be more opposite. Herbert was a life-long gentleman who had grown up in London; Pip was a poor boy whose whole life had been spent learning how to be a blacksmith’s apprentice. Although the two boys had lived completely different lives, they became the closest of friends. Thinking back to Joe’s many preaching’s concerning the importance of friendship; Pip realized what he believed to be one of the biggest life-lessons he ever learned. Social statuses and economic incomes are not the foundations for a friendship; instead, having the same dreams and sharing the same drive for success is enough to link two people together in an inseparable bond.
Pip acquired many necessary, positive traits from Joe. Miss. Havisham, a wealthy elderly woman, altered Pip’s life as well, although, in the most negative way. Miss. Havisham spent hours upon hours and days upon days attempting to convince Pip that without wealth and success, he will never be truly satisfied and his life will remain forever inconspicuous. These numerous remarks eventually change Pip’s goals in life. Suddenly, Pip no longer sees his adequate and simple life satiating; instead, he now craves wealth and power. Because of these derisions, Pip flips his life upside down to become someone that he never truly wanted to be. Miss. Havisham purposely corrupted Pip’s mindset by introducing Pip to his greatest heartache, Estella. Pip’s vision became a tunnel that only allowed him to see only paths that lead to him winning over Estella’s non-existent heart....

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