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In his novel The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald tells of the death of the "American Dream." Nick Carraway, a young, seemingly pure man from the west, decides to journey to New York to make his money on the stocks and bonds market. In New York, he is met with a story of love, lust, adultery and murder. The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a novel telling of the death American Dream, and the downfall of those who attempt to reach its illusionary goals. F. Scott Fitzgerald was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, on September 24, 1896, the namesake and second cousin three times removed of the author of the National Anthem. His father, Edward, was from Maryland and exhibited an undying allegiance to the Old South and its values. Fitzgerald's mother, Mary (Mollie) McQuillan, was the daughter of an Irish immigrant who made his fortune as a wholesale grocer in St. Paul.Edward Fitzgerald failed as a manufacturer of wicker furniture in St. Paul, and he became a salesman for Procter & Gamble in upstate New York. After he was dismissed in 1908, when his son was twelve, the family returned to St. Paul and lived comfortably on Mollie Fitzgerald's inheritance. Fitzgerald attended the St. Paul Academy; his first writing to appear in print was a detective story in the school newspaper when he was thirteen.From St. Paul Academy Fitzgerald went on to a higher education at Princeton University. At Princeton, Fitzgerald neglected his studies for his literary apprenticeship. He wrote the scripts and lyrics for the Princeton Triangle Club musicals and was a contributor to the Princeton Tiger humor magazine and the Nassau Literary Magazine. On academic probation and unlikely to graduate, Fitzgerald joined the army in 1917. During this time he wrote the novel The Romantic Egotist.After his discharge in 1919, he went to New York City to seek his fortune in order to marry. Unwilling to wait while Fitzgerald succeeded in the advertisement business and unwilling to live on his small salary, his fiancee, Zelda, broke their engagement. Fitzgerald quit his job in July 1919 and returned to St. Paul to write his novel This Side of Paradise. The publication of This Side of Paradise on March 26, 1920, made the twenty-four-year-old Fitzgerald famous almost overnight, and a week later he married Zelda in New York.Literary critics were reluctant to accord Fitzgerald full marks as a serious craftsman. His reputation as a drinker inspired the opinion that he was an irresponsible writer; yet he was a painstaking reviser whose fiction went through layers of drafts. The Fitzgeralds spent the winter of 1924-1925 in Rome, where he revised The Great Gatsby; they were en route to Paris when the novel was published in April.The Great Gatsby marked what was noted critically as a striking advance in Fitzgerald's technique, utilizing a complex structure and a controlled narrative point of view. Fitzgerald's achievement received critical praise, but sales of The Great Gatsby...

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The Golden Girl: F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby

1292 words - 5 pages demeanors the females in the novel. Fitzgerald Fitzgerald highlights the ideals of feminism by showing how unfairly women are treated and portrayed in the novel. Works Cited Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The Great Gatsby. New York: Scribner, 2004. Print. "Overview: The Great Gatsby." Characters in Young Adult Literature. John T Gillespie and Corinne J. Naden. Detroit: Gale, 1997. Literature Resource Center. Web. 10 May 2014. Wershoven, Carol. "Insatiable

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1071 words - 5 pages The novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, takes place in Long Island around the roaring twenties during the prohibition era. The fictional character and narrator Nick Carraway talks about his experiences with the people of Long Island, which is divided into two parts, East and West Egg. After living in West egg, Nick soon realizes how selfish and negligent the people of Long Island are. The only character that is genuinely a good

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1071 words - 4 pages about 10 seconds, has never spoken to him, or even really seen him. Because of Gatsby's illusion, people must make up wild stories and guess about his past. Catherine (Myrtle's Sister) has drawn these conclusions about Gatsby, which I feel is just what He would of wanted; total mystery and illusion about his past. He wants to keep his past a secret, and set everyone up to see that he is living a great life, everyone adores him, and has no problems

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960 words - 4 pages Charles de AgustinMs. MitchellPeriod 5May 10, 2014The Great Gatsby EssayWhen identifying American literary classics, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is consistently one of the first to be named. Jay Gatsby is a young billionaire living in Long Island whose lone goal in life is to marry Daisy Buchanan, an ex-lover of his. Nick Carraway, the narrator and Gatsby's neighbor in West Egg, strives to help Gatsby with his ultimately unattainable

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2466 words - 10 pages Independence). Already from the time of creation of the United States, we find the true source and origin of which people felt is interpreted as the American Dream. The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, critiques the successes and failures of the American Dream through the life experiences of Jay Gatsby. The American Dream was traditionally known to be achieved through hard work, perseverance, and education. "The American Dream was

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1257 words - 5 pages “Those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction. 10 For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.” (1 Timothy 6:9-10). “The Great Gatsby” by F.Scott Fitzgerald tells a tragic tale of materialistic wealth, and uses the colors green, yellow


1989 words - 8 pages Untitled Summary: The main characters in both F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby and William Shakespeare's Macbeth appear stable and successful on the outside, but inside they are engaged in a constant struggle with their dreams. Gatsby tries to win back the girl of his dreams by becoming something he's not, a member of high society; while Macbeth believes the prediction of the witches that he will be king and spends

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2201 words - 9 pages In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, the roaring twenties is shown as an eminent time of hope for rekindled love. The Buchanans make their entrance into the novel as the ideal wealthy family. Daisy, beautiful and charming, has everything a woman should be expected to want in the world. With Tom as her husband, she is ensured a carefree life filled with glamour and extravagance (Fitzgerald 6). The heated summer of 1922 New York brings the

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1088 words - 4 pages Symbolism & Color Imagery In The Great Gatsby Francis Scott Fitzgerald uses colors to represent symbols and themes throughout The Great Gatsby. The characters in the novel are often associated with a key color and this can help depicate emotions and feelings in certain events. Fitzgerald also uses color to place a deeper and stronger connection to other topics. His use of color imagery and symbolism enhances the novel in ways that only color

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1048 words - 4 pages assignment. Miller, A. 1949. Death of a Salesman. Penguin Books, Great Britain. Accessed all throughout assignment. Alejandra Lastiri, P. 2011. Critical Reading: Two Stories, Two Authors, Same Plot? Accessed 10 September 2011 Shmoop Editors. Publishing date unknown. The Great Gatsby. Accessed 10 September 2011.

Colors Show the Themes

3690 words - 15 pages : Schibner 1953. Print.Goldsmith, Meredith. "White Skin, White Mask: Passing, Posing, and Performing in The GreatGatsby. "Modern Fiction Studies 49.3 (Fall 2003): 443-468. Rpt. in Children's Literature Review. Ed. Jelena Krstovic. Vol. 176. Detroit: Gale, 2013. Literature Research Center. Web. 6 Jan. 2014.Hoover, Bob "'The Great Gatsby' Still Changes Myth of American Dream." Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. N.P., 10 May 2013. Web. 04 Dec. 2013O'Rourke

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916 words - 4 pages : Great Gatsby, outlines. (2007). Retrieved Apr 29, 2007 from the Internet: F. SCOTT FITZGERALD, THE PRINCETON YEARS, SELECTED WRITINGS, Newark, 1996 (ed. by Chip Deffaa)4.The Great Gatsby, Plot summary. (2007). Retrieved Apr 29, 2007 from the Internet: Scott Key Fitzgerald , April 10 1925, Charles

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