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Great Gatsby Setting Essay

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"The Great Gatsby" SettingThe Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a popular novel that has remained one of the best-known literary works to this day. Set in the 1920s, the story is narrated by Nick Caraway, an easy-going bond salesman who lives next door to Jay Gatsby whom the story revolves around. Jay Gatsby is a man with a mysterious past, who lives in New York and is famous for his extravagant parties and fabulous wealth. The story is set during the summer in which Tom Buchannan, his wife, Daisy, Jordan Baker, (all three from West Egg in Long Island where all the "old rich" live) and Nick's lives intertwine with Gatsby's into a marvelous story of love, crime and lavish Jazz Age debauchery. In The Great Gatsby, the conflict and its resolution, as well as the main character, Mr. Gatsby, are all made possible because of the place and time where the story takes place.The physical setting of the story has a large effect on the conflict that takes place. The main conflict is Gatsby trying to change himself into what he thinks Daisy wants and the events occurring as he tries to win her back. The different settings are greatly related to the events occurring in the story. As the social setting varies, many other things change like the atmosphere, mood and the themes of the story; examples of this are West Egg, East Egg, the Valley of Ashes, and New York City. For example, East Egg and West Egg are both places in which people of great wealth live but Nick clearly states that East Egg is where the "classier" people live. He says, "Twenty miles from the city a pair of enormous eggs, identical in contour and separated only by a courtesy bay, jut out into the most domesticated body of salt water in the Western hemisphere... I lived at West Egg, the - well, the less fashionable of the two." This indicated that even though Gatsby is really wealthy, there still exists a distinction of class between Gatsby and Daisy, which he is never going to be able to ignore. New York City represents the place where the characters go to show their "ugly side." They keep this side from the people they actually care for. For instance, Tom Buchanan goes to New York City to have an affair and to keep it away from Daisy, who's left in East Egg, as the following quote explains. "I went up to New York with Tom on the train one afternoon, and when we stopped by the ash heaps he jumped to his feet and, taking hold of my elbow, literally forced me from the car. "We're getting off," he insisted. "I want you to meet my girl.""The social setting of the story...

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