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Great Gatsby Speech
The Great Gatsby is a magnificent novel. It encapsulates the 1920’s in all is liquor filled glory. I strongly believe that people should at least read the book before watching the movie. The novel is an original and remains unchanged. When a movie is based on a book, changes need to be made, and scenes need to be modified to suit. This leaves viewers with a false understanding of the story and the wrong impression.
One of the most discussed scenes in the book is left out and creates a large hole in the plot of the movie. In the novel, after Nick goes on a spree with Myrtle and Tom he leaves the party with man Mr. McKee, yet he was set up with Myrtle’s flirty sister. During the elevator scene, the elevator operator askes Mr. McKee to stop playing with the lever. He reply’s by saying that he did not know he was and leaves a hint homoerotic tension. This is then followed by Nick standing next to Mr. McKee’s bed wearing nothing but his underwear and looking at Mr. McKee’s photos. This has cofounded readers for years and has been a large part of the book.
However, this is all changed in the film and Nick becomes strait with no homosexual intentions. Nick is seen making out passionately with Myrtle’s sister and wakes up in his underwear on his porch. This creates problems for some interpretations of the novel. As a result of Nicks possible homosexual or bisexual intentions it makes the reader question Nicks narration. When Nick is saying his praises about Gatsby we start to wonder if what he says is true and how much of it is affected by his affection for Gatsby.
One of the reasons that Daisy is such a forgivable character in this film is because her husband Tom is such a horrible person. Although he has always been a bad guy in the novel he is turned into a super villain in the film. The Biggest attributes to this is after Myrtle’s death when Tom speaks to Myrtle’s husband and when he ignores Nick’s invitation to Gatsby’s funeral. The novel shows Tom talking to Wilson almost leading him on a fact-finding mission which leads him to Gatsby’s pool where he murders him. This however, is completely changed in the film as Tom tells Wilson directly that it was Gatsby and places the tools for murder in his hands. This almost acts as a way to quicken the story and skip parts of the book. The novel tells us that Tom said the car...

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