Great Grandma's House Essay

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When I was a child, my favorite place to be was at my great grandma's house. She was a very kind, loving person and she really loved the Lord. Grandma always had plenty of good food to eat and fun things to do; she was a really good cook and very creative as well. She was always ready to make us something good to eat, do crafts or go for walks with us. My two sisters, my brother and I liked to stay over night at grandmas; but we had to take turns because there was only one bed that could only accommodate one or two people.Grandma used to make the best homemade apple pies. I remember going for walks up the dirt road where she lived, with apple trees all along the side of the road; we would pick as many apples as we could, then take them back to grandma's house to make her delicious homemade apple pie. A few more of my favorites were grandma's chicken soup with the big fluffy dumplings floating on top, and her fresh baked bread. I always loved the smell of grandma's cooking; but that was only one of the joys of being at her house.I remember doing crafts with my grandma; she had lots of craft supplies because she never threw anything away. She had toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, yarn, wooden thread spools; if you needed anything, she had it. Grandma also had a big thick coloring book for us to color in, 'the three bears' that she knitted for us to play with, and a big comfortable...

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1017 words - 4 pages the problem, we can no longer avoid it. Racismis an issue that should to talked about and explained, so that people withlittle understanding to the issue can finally open their eyes.The next time I went to my grandma's, I walked her dog down thestreet past the neighbor's house. A lady was out in her garden, and I yelled'HELLO!' She smiled and waved. I felt awfully good after that, like I haddone something, something good. It wasn't much, a simple

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