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Great Inventions: 3 D Printer The Next Great Invention

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The world is always coming up with new inventions that revolutionize the way that humans go about their daily life. Recently it has been computers and the internet. The next big thing will probably be 3d printing although nobody can say for sure. With a 3d printer there are many things that can be done, although for to print some things you need a certain type of printer. Regular 3d printers use ABS or PLS that is heated to create wonderful creations. With a 3d printer it can allow rapid prototyping for companies. It is much quicker than to have to have a company do it which can span a couple of days instead of a couple of hours.
There are 3d printers in development that allow doctors ...view middle of the document...

Scientists are testing out printing organs. They are currently working on hearts, lungs, skin, trachea, kidneys, and ears. They have successfully created blood vessels. This would save thousands of lives each year.
NASA, among other companies, is researching way to make food that is full of perfectly balanced nutrients, this will allow food to be made in space from cartridges that will be specially made for the astronauts. A private company created a 3D food printer named Foodini. Using the printer you can create various foods that are healthier and easier to create than many modern food choices that people would get instead, for example fast food. The food printer would allow people to create food that could stun party guests at an evening dinner party or allow your children's imaginations to run wild with chicken nuggets in the shape of whatever their minds create.
Anyone can create great pieces of artwork or just household items. This will allow the largest margin of customization. 3D printing is the new painting. Using a computer and a program with only a small amount of expertise a person can create a piece of art modeled after a dream they had. Ideas were the birth of civilizations.
Companies and entrepreneurs can quickly prototype their designs. It can be quite costly to produce just one prototype for a design, it can also cost a long time for the prototype to be complete. The prototype can sometimes have design flaws, this can cause another couple weeks or even months wasted while the prototype is recreated. This cycle of flaws and fixes can go on for a long time using the usual methods, but using a 3D printer creating the prototype might only take a few hours or days at most. If there is a problem with the print then the fix can be made quickly. The cost of the print would also be largely different and less than the cost of a prototype made using the methods of the past.
Recently they began 3D printing a house in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This will allow cheaper housing with more customization. The entire house will take three years to create. Although the print time now is really slow it is expected that in the future houses will be printed in about 20 hours. This will allow for fast housing that will be better priced for those who possibly wouldn't be able to afford a house otherwise.
There are many available things that can be done with a 3d printer. Many see a 3D printer being common in every home one day. They are objects of the future. The ways they can be used is almost infinite. Hopefully one day they can be used to give better lives to those who wouldn't live well otherwise, if someone had a faulty heart they can get a new one printed with little or no chance of rejection, or if someone who wouldn't be able to get nutritious food now will be able to have food cartridges that can help them eat so they don't become malnourished, or if there is just a student who wants to learn about engineering and...

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