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Great Leaders: Bill Gates Essay

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Currently, many articles, academic publications, and books have been written on issues relating to leadership. This trend is so widespread that it has become difficult to point out the global values or mannerisms linked to a truly efficient leader. However, some names speak for themselves, as the work they have done is significantly efficient and felt all over the world. Bill Gates of the Microsoft foundation is one of the best leaders and businesspersons of this century. Using the huge diversity in his personal traits and qualities in management, he has managed to portray in the workplace, he can be defined as a great leader. When a person embarks on the role of leading others, whether in ...view middle of the document...

Microsoft foundation, under the leadership of Bill Gates, thus, becomes subject of a successful business and technology integration. Mr. Gates is seen to be a strong leader in possession of great charisma and enthusiasm. All these qualities tend to unite the workforce he manages. Gates leadership in action is evident where he was able to combine successfully qualities of an effective business leader with his impeccable talent in Information Technology. This combination has been termed lethal in a good sense since it has propelled the business into the empire it is today. In fact, the new responsibility of a business leader together with other managers in the technology industry has changed tremendously since business founders are not only required to be talented but also portray qualities of leadership for the welfare of the company. This new role is quite important as it is shaping the business world. In the modern day, the role played by politics has changed, and the business fraternity is now controlling the economy unlike the past where everything relied on changes in the political realms. The business and technology spheres are now in control of the economy and advertently, the political sphere itself.
Earlier in his career, Bill Gates was seen to effectively use an authoritarian system of leadership. This system (also called autocratic) is like a political equivalent of a dictatorial system. This occurs where one person makes the decisions in a situation where many people are affected. He never used to consulting and would go ahead to make all the decisions in Microsoft regarding every aspect of the business and development. Even though the style was producing considerable results, there was no much employee motivation since punishment is the order of business in the system. Later on in his career Bill Gates changed to transformational leadership where there is a culture of inclusiveness and rewards and punishment go hand in hand. In this system, employee motivation is higher as well as inclusiveness in making business decisions. The previous system worked for a while until employee motivation went down, and there were reports of procrastination of projects in the company. Shifting to an inclusive system where thoughts and ideas are transformed meant great work for the leader as well as the business. This approach of leadership...

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