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If the subject of physics and all discoveries pertaining to it were condensed into one book, that book would have thousands of authors. Few of those contributors, however, could match the brilliance or importance of Sir Isaac Newton and Robert Hooke. Without these men, we would not understand concepts such as gravity or cellular structure, and without such discoveries, we would not have made the advancements we have today.
Isaac Newton was born in 1642 to a family of farmers. In 1661 Newton had the opportunity to attend Trinity University. His studies there led to his interests in physics, astronomy, math, and optics. In 1668 Newton constructed his reflecting telescope. This was his first major achievement in science, and it founded his credibility as a scientist. Four years later, after a series of presumed failures, he attained the role of fellow in the Royal Society. Newton continued research in the field of optics. He experimented topics such as the composition of light and its behavior (Isaac). In 1674 Newton became the first man to hint at “attractive powers” like gravity, and in 1684 he completed his calculations on gravity. The book discussing those three laws of motion and the law of universal gravitation, entitled Principia, was released in 1684. Newton taught us that “an object in motion will stay in motion and an object at rest will stay at rest”, that acceleration of a body is directly proportional to the net force acting on the
body, and that forces acting on a second body will cause the second body to enact an equal and opposite force (Weisstein). Without Sir Isaac Newton, we would not be able to view minimums and maximums on graphs, understand the falling of a comet, view the stars through telescopes, or even understand why we fall when we trip.
While developing his infinitesimal calculus, Newton came into some ownership disputes with a man named Gottfried Wilhelm Leibinz. Most historians claim that both men created their own diverse theories of the calculus independently and that no plagiarism took place. This was not the only time, however, Newton ran into conflicts with ownership of physics principles. His biggest dispute was with a man named Robert Hooke.
Robert Hooke was born in 1635. Due to illness, he lived a sheltered life, even in his schooling. He was, however, after years of home and church schooling able to attend Oxford. In 1655 he communicated “Artifices for Flying” to John Wilkins (Hooke). He continued his studies and assisted Boyle in constructing the air pump. Three years later he took the conical pendulum and implemented it into watches. Like Newton, he was elected a fellow of the Royal Society in 1663. His...

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