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Great Star: Manila Essay

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Located on the Northern-most island of Luzon in the Philippines, Manila has become a bustling mega-city and is the long-standing capital of the island. Beginning as no more than an archipelago with ancient native tribes inhabiting the island, the city of Manila grew fiercely and rapidly advancing along with the other powers of the world. From cross-cultural connections in Manila, the Philippines would grow to be fusion of its own native culture and those of outside entities. From pre-colonial times to the present Manila has played a central role in the politics, religion, commerce, and culture of the Philippines, making it one of the richest cities in terms of history.
In order to understand how politics, religion, commerce, and culture has changed in Manila ultimately shaping the Philippines, it is imperative to understand the geographical features that allowed Manila to be a sought after city. Because of its natural water sources, volcanic regions, swamps areas, and tropical seafaring regions, Manila is composed of vastly different geographic areas have lead to historically unpredictable environments more than affecting Manila’s environmental, cultural, and agricultural history.
The Pasig River connects Laguna de Bay to Manila Bay on the Northern island of Luzon while the rest of Manila’s coastline falls on Manila Bay, which is fed by the South China Sea. Located at the southern region of Luzon, Manila is considered to lay in a region that geologist have dubbed the, “hot belt” region, indicating annual isotherm temperatures of 80 degrees Fahrenheit. In combination with the heat, the rainy seasons in Manila have made it a highly humid region. The rainy seasons have always been the mid to late summer when temperatures tend to be the highest for the city and the island of Luzon.
Coinciding with months of intense rainfall, Manila Bay and the Pasig River allow for strong winds that prevail nearly six months of out of the year, ranging from May to October. Manila Bay and the Pasig River are considered to have turbulent currents. This area has a longstanding history of intense rainfall, ranging anywhere from 1 milliliter to 7 milliliters, and frequent typhoons. Typhoons are very typical of the Philippine Islands and it is estimated that nearly every year nearly 20 typhoons strike the Philippines, including Manila, since the formation of these archipelagic islands.
Manila is also located in a part of Southern Luzon that has fairly active volcanoes. Five major volcanoes, only one of which has been active in modern years, surround the city. The many volcanoes that surround Manila, and much of the Philippines have been dormant, scientists estimate, for around 10,000 years. Since 1572, Taal, a volcano just south of Manila, has erupted nearly 34 times. The most recent eruption occurred in 1977 covering the city of Manila in a cloud of ash. The volcano has not erupted since but is closely monitored for it remains highly active. With each...

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