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Benefits Of Homeschooling Essay

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Last year, my husband and I were trying to decide what was best for each our children when it came to his or her education. Although Freeport, Illinois, does not have a significant amount of schools from which to choose, we certainly looked at them all. After we had spent numerous hours talking to teachers and touring classrooms, we were not impressed by any of the local schools. Basically, every school offered the same general subjects served in a cookie cutter fashion. We, however, wanted our children to have a more diverse and individualized education. Therefore, we decided to look into other options of schooling, particularly homeschooling. “[P]arent-led home-based education . . . is an age-old traditional educational practice that a decade ago appeared to be cutting-edge and ‘alternative’ but is now bordering on ‘mainstream’ in the United States” (Ray). Even though homeschooling has become more popular, some educators and homeschool opponents disagree with the effectiveness of home-based education; believing that children should not be taught by uneducated or undereducated parents who may lack the resources provided by the mainstream school system. However, the public and private schools are not providing children with the proper techniques for learning and understanding the fundamentals of the materials being taught due to the time restraints imposed by teaching multiple children with different educational needs at the same time. In contrast, homeschooling can help children not only learn the concept but understand why they are learning the concept. Structured homeschooling is the best option for most children when it comes to his or her educational needs.
Most parents have heard about homeschooling but know little about the fundamentals of a home-based education. However, not every homeschooler uses the same method. There are two main types of home-based learning: structured and unstructured. Structured homeschooling is a parent-led education. The parent decides what the child learns as well as the amount of time spent on each subject. Unstructured homeschooling is a student-led education where the child takes charge of his or her education deciding when and how he or she focuses on a topic. Both structured and unstructured homeschooling--unlike public or private schools--parents have more control over his or her child’s academic achievements. Even though structured and unstructured homeschooling seems the same, structured homeschooling has more resources that are available for the parents because unstructured homeschooling is a newer concept.
Homeschooling overall has increasingly gained in popularity. Over 2 million children were reported learning at home in 2010, which “grew by about 7% (or more) from spring of 2007 to spring of 2010” (Ray 2011). According to the United States Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics, 17 percent of parents who homeschool his or her child were dissatisfied with the “academic...

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