Benefits Of Osha (Occupational Safety And Health Administration)

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The Benefits of OSHA
Work place safety is not something to be scoffed about. Although many employers and employees often overlook this pre-caution, the government has created a whole agency, OSHA (occupational safety and health administration) to address work place related injuries and deaths. For many years OSHA has implemented training programs for the employees and workers of companies in the industry of construction and general hard labor. Not all working sites were created equal. Although the chances of dying at work are fairly slim, the chances of getting injured or sick due to the job is relatively high. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that workers in construction have a “4.6 in 100 chance of being injured on or getting sick from their jobs” ( Severe problems arise when construction sites are hazardous environments for the workers and where the issue of safety is neglected or glazed over. OSHA training programs prevent injuries and loss of life because it offers a standard for safety that can be clearly understood as well as efficient for the workers. OSHA is beneficial to workers working in dangerous jobs because it can essentially save lives, prevent injuries, minimize liabilities for employers, and contribute to an overall safe and productive work environment.
OSHA is a federal agency that maximizes the safety in construction workplaces by strictly enforcing regulations and compliances. Not only does OSHA create rules and regulation to ensure the safety of workers but OSHA also implements several training and safety programs in order to promote and sustain a work environment that sees safety and health as a priority at a company.

To begin with, OSHA’s training program is not an exclusive training program. In fact, any learner in any related field, not limited to construction, can benefit from OSHA training. OSHA is a training program that seeks to improve the skills and standards for the best safety at any work environment. With that said, one of the major benefits of OSHA is that workers will learn more about safety which they had no previous knowledge before. They will fully understand the risks they take by being on the job. Moreover, workers will gain the knowledge to become safer than compared to before because of OSHA (Article America's Most Injured). Not only will they be more knowledgeable about safety measures, but they will also be trained in such a way that they maximize their safety in a compliant way. OSHA is beneficial because all workers, regardless of what type of work, can benefit from undergoing OSHA training and any educational workshops that it may offer.
Another benefit of OSHA is that it is implemented and carried out by the federal government. It is universal, standard, and consistent across the country and thus it will not cause confusion among workers at different companies or work sites. One compliance rule is the same at another site. The...

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