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Andres Estrada #10Bio 100Mr. ChienMay 8, 2014Benefits of MarijuanaDid you know that marijuana is the most used drug in the world even over alcohol and tobacco? According to a study done in 2010 more than 76% of the world's population use marijuana(Phelps, 53). Marijuana is the most used drug in the world and their users are growing each day that passes. Marijuana is known in the world as a bad drug like cocaine or heroin but the truth is that marijuana is medical and is used to treat many diseases. During the prohibition era the marijuana plant became a key component in the jazz movement before the government attempts to change the public opinion of the plant, swaying it to a more threatening drug associated with madness and criminality. The counter-cultural revolution of the 1960's was strongly associated to the use of the THC plant. Medical marijuana began with California passing an initiative for legalizing the use of marijuana in 1996. Since then thirteen states have joined California in the legalization or decriminalization of using or possessing marijuana. These laws make possession and usage of marijuana legal under local and state law, but still illegal under federal law. Many people see marijuana users as people that will not have a future or will end up addicted to this drug, but why don't they see that cigarettes is way more addictive than marijuana and is one of the most deadly drug in the world. However, people don't see this as a bad drug because it is legal but cigarettes are worse than a cigarette of marijuana. THC is the main ingredient in the marijuana plant and is used to cure and control many diseases such as glaucoma, asthma, cancer, and many more. Marijuana is the only drug that is natural and is not made with any chemicals that can harm you in the long run. Marijuana is a drug that has many benefits that people do not realize, because they don't research or they go with what other people say about this drug without having any knowledge about it.People that don't know about marijuana think there is only one type of drug and that its only job is to get you stupid and make you hungry, but that is not true. Marijuana is harvested throughout the whole year to make different types of marijuana. Marijuana is the term generally used to describe the flowering tops and leaves of the Indian hemp plant. "Richard Shultes, a Harvard-based botanist has identified three distinct varieties of the plant. The first of the three is cannabis sativa which is loosely branched that can reach a height of 18 feet. The second one is Cannabis indica which is smaller, more densely branched plant, often cone-shaped, and usually no more than four feet in height. The last kind is cannabis ruderalis which is a small dense plant with few or no branches that grows to between one and three feet in height and is indigenous in part of Asia." These three types are crossbred freely, allowing hemp growers over the years to develop certain...

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